When a REPX statement name is non-unique and PM 11.2 is in use, all statements generated will contain the details for one client, the first client displayed in the Correspondence page.


The default Statement PDF File Name has been customised in either the Entities Console or the database to a name that is not unique for each client. When the statement batch is generated, all statements have the same client details. If the batch is sent via email, all clients will get the same statement. If printed, multiple copies of the one statement are printed.

How to identify if you are affected.

  1. Go to the Debtors Page from Advance Applications.
  2. From the Reports menu select Statements then press OK to view the statements. This will default to all clients according to the selection and will default to displaying the first client.
  3. Select a different client.
  4. If the statement updates to the selected client then you are not affected.
  5. If the statement still displays the first client details then you are affected and you need to apply the resolution below


Development have provided a fix file that can be downloaded below. Place this file in C:\Adv2000 of every workstation and server where Practice Management 11.2 is installed.


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