When using Practice Management you may have closed off matters for a client. Then find that you need to re-open these to add time for a new or continued project for this client. 

To re-open a matter you will need remove the Closed date and re-active one or both of the Timesheet or Disbursement options. 

The first step is to open the Central Console and click on Matters. If the matter is not displayed in the List. You may need to right-click on the grey section and select Show Open Matters only. This is a toggle to to show/hide closed matters. 

In the screenshot below we need to re-open the matter 2005 Annual Accounts which is not displayed: 

By clicking on the pop-up menu it will remove the tick and display any closed matters:

Ensure that you have clicked on the Edit button to engage Edit mode. Then access the Detail screen (either from the Custom View, or by clicking Details on the slider bar).

In the screenshot above we have highlighted the areas that you will need to check and update. The first is to ensure the correct matter is chosen. Then locate the Date Closed field and delete the date. Lastly update the Allow Timesheets and/or Allow Disbursements depending on your requirements

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