An issue has been identified in Reckon APS Tax 2019.3.0 whereby the following messages appear when printing:


Sending print jobs

Reckon APS Tax is currently busy and cannot respond to your request

Please try again when the current Reckon APS Tax Process is complete

Once these messages appear the user needs to close Tax Manager and re-open it to clear the message and continue working.

This issue has been been fixed in Reckon APS Tax 2019.4.0.

Our Development team have provided the attached file which should resolve the printing issue.


Please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure all users are out of APS Tax and Tax Manager

2. Make a copy of the existing APS.framework.Runtime.XCL.dll file locate in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Advance Tax\Framework” folder.

 3. Copy and paste the attached file to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Advance Tax\Framework” folder.

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