An issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax 2019.3.0 where a warning message is triggered by the system when opening the tax manager regarding ghost returns. 


This issue occurs when tax manager may have crashed while creating the return and has created a ghost return in the system.


The warning message displays a list of clients and their affected return ID. Please take a note of the client names and the return ID.

Waiting for approximately 10 minutes should automatically remove the return. Revisit the clients noted from the original warning to confirm the removal of the return. 

If the user still experiences the warning message and the return is working correctly for the user, the warning message can be manually removed by executing the below SQL command. Note: This script removes the warning message but not the return.

NOTE: SQL command is executed on the affected database and is recommended to be run after a latest back up copy of the database has been obtained.

delete from [tm].[InprogressActions] where identifier = <returnId>
Please replace the return ID from the above command with the affected return ID. 

Alternatively, deleting the affected return from tax manager will also remove the warning. Please make sure you match the return ID before removing the return.

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