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This article discusses common performance issues that can be experienced with the Elite product suite along with solutions to these. 



Elite Practice Management is slow to open



1. Turn off your antivirus then Open the Elite software to test if this makes a difference to the performance.

  • If it is faster without your anti-virus on use the below list to make exceptions in your antivirus application to exclude the Elite product folders and files.  

2. Turn your Antivirus back on again and make the following exceptions of folders and files to the current antivirus:


  • C:\ElitePracticeManagementCache
  • C:\Program Files (X86)\Elite
  • C:\ReckonElite\Data
  • C:\RSBRE


  • C:\Program Files\Elite\PracticeManagement\EliteCentral.exe

3. Provide additional security rights Full Access Rights to the Administrators and Users group of the following locations:

  • C:\ElitePracticeManagementCache
  • C:\Program Files (X86)\Elite
  • C:\ReckonElite\Data
  • C:\RSBRE

4. Restart the PC for the changes to take effect

5. Once restarted check the exceptions list again to ensure the above folders and files are still listed as exceptions 

6. Test opening the application. 


To find the location of your database go to Elite Practice Management> File> Setup Manager> and check the location under embedded database settings.

When right clicking to the Elite PM shortcut and run as administrator does it take less time to open the application?


Note - The above exceptions maybe changed by a Windows update or an Update by your antivirus. Always check the exception list if you are experiencing delays or performance issues. 

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