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Reckon APS Practice Management provides Custom Views within each console which uses a graphical user interface to customise the layout of each set to suit your requirements.

Each user of the system can specify their own Custom View, the ability to customise your view is controlled through JOE Admin.

The Custom Views have been designed in such a way that all pages added to the custom view are loaded every time to user clicks on that band. Therefore the more pages added to the custom view the more system resource is required to bring that information back to the user, and the more system resource that is used the slower the performance of the software and workstation.

Best Practice when creating a Custom Layout:

  • Keep the number of pages in the custom view to a minimum, eg: 4 pages, one in each quadrant.
  • DO NOT add the DOCUMENTS or NOTES pages to the Custom View, as this requires a large amount of system resource. Adding it to the Custom View can slow down system responses.
  • DO NOT add the DEBT or WIP BROWSER pages to the Custom View, as these include calculations which will slow down system responses.
  • The tab tool allows multiple pages, again this should be kept to a minimum, the less pages added the better the performance.
  • Use the Available Sets area to reorganise pages into an order which works best for the user, frequently accessed pages can be moved to the top or these can be organised into a folder. These functions are accessed through the Custom View Designer, as seen below.


These Custom Views should be checked as part of any Practice Management performance investigation or when users are experiencing intermittent system crashes.

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