An issue has been highlighted that some URL hyperlinks may not display correctly for client or their customers who have Microsoft Edge as their default web browser to associate with opening PDF files.

This is most common if there is a line following the web address as per samples below.

A customer may open their monthly PDF invoice or statement and click on the link to make an online payment and may get a “404 Page Not Found” error due to the link containing text from the following line.


This is due to the application does not detect the “carriage return” after the url.


Though we cannot determine or control what application a user chooses to associate PDF formatted files with, the following is a quick fix which can be applied to the invoice and statement report layouts.

Report layout changes can to be performed using a standalone tool called DesignerRepx.exe. DesignerRepx.exe tool can be found in the adv2000 directory. Click on the link below to the video for an introduction to the DesignerRepx.exe tool along with videos on how to make basic changes to your repx templates.

DesignerREPX Training Video on YouTube

For this issue, use the designer tool to open the repx invoice template.

Scroll to the “How to Pay” section of the layout and double click on the “Credit Card” control. Place the cursor at the end of the url and press the space bar to add a space after the link address.

Do this for all other invoice and statement layout(s) that have a line added in after the url link.

Note: If you offer a Fee Synergy payment option to your customers please check these controls as well if any text follows on after the URL link and apply the same “space” as above.

Should you have any query or require assistance with this solution, please contact our support team.

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