BankData for Accountants is available via our APS XPA 11 and above product version. This guide will assist with getting setup with BankData for Accountants. Using BankData for Accounting is a simple 3 step process once you have gone through the easy setup. 

  • Setup a Feed Collection with Bank feeds
  • Code Transactions in BankData
  • Transfer coded transactions into XPA

Find out more about how to setup your system for BankData and start using BankData. 




Getting Started with BankData

Setup BankData

Getting Started with BankData

Managing Bank Feeds

Coding & Reports


Setup BankData


1. Go to Advance > System and User Settings > View Settings > System > ACC

Check the links to BankData are correct as per the below: 

  • BankData api URL  -
  • BankData website URL - 


2. Go to Advance > JOE Admin > View > JOE Rights>  Select the group or user you wish to give access

3. Select Xcede Professional Accounting > XPA > Launch applications and check the BankData Available 



Getting Started with BankData



Setup a Feed Collection for an XPA Ledger


1. Ensure your Ledger is linked to a Practice Management client record - more on how to do this in KA-01507

2. Open XPA >File > File Details and select the ellipses on the Feed Collection field to setup a new Feed Collection.  

3. The ellipses opens the Link Feed Collection Screen  

4. Select Add Feed Collection

Note: the list displays all BankData feeds created for the practice.


  • The Ledger name field is pre populated with the current XPA ledger internal name
  • The region defaults to the country where your practice is located. 
  • Start of Financial year is also pre-populated
    • Note: All these fields are editable and can be changed

5. Click Save to add the Feed Collection

  • You have now created a Feed Collection.


Creating a Bank Feed

The Bank Feed Management screen is automatically displayed when a new Feed Collection is created or can be accessed from Manage Feed.

1. Click Manage Feed



2. Click Add Feed or click Share to give the client access to create a bank feed. 

Note  - By registering a bank feed you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and will be charged a fee.  Refer to the link on the ‘Add Feed’ screen for further information.


3. Select the Bank 


Note - The on-screen instructions that follow will depend on the bank selected.  Each bank has its own requirements, specific to each country.  There will either be instructions to download and fill in a form as shown below or in some cases, electronic instructions.  

The instructions will require one of the following options 

  • Download and fill in a bank form  

  • Direct feed - register a code online directly with the bank 

  • Yodlee feed -  requires the client’s login details to the bank 

Download example

4. Click Next and complete the required fields


5. Click Add

  • A form will be available to download for completion . 
  • Once completed either email Reckon or upload the form. 


Note: Any errors on the bank authorisation form may prevent the bank feed from becoming  ‘Active'.  Please ensure all fields are accurate, including the total number of digits for the bank account and suffix (2 or 3 digit suffix). To preview the form sent to the bank, click on the upload icon to download the form sent.

Direct Feed Example

After selecting the Bank, enter the bank account details and follow on screen instructions. 


Yodlee Example

After selecting Add on the Add Feed screen


Managing Bank Feeds

1. Go to File > File Details > Manage Feeds

Note - The Bank Feed Management window displays a list of all bank account for a Feed Collection Account

The Status column displays the status of a client’s Bank Feed. The steps are stated below:

  • Awaiting Form - await form to be uploaded or for the Direct Feed to be activated with the bank
  • Form received  - when the form is received by BankData
  • Form with Bank - when form is sent to the Bank
  • Active - when the first transaction is received from the bank

The Actions column allows users to:

  • Download Feed form
  • Upload Feed form
  • View Feed details
  • Delete a feed (Once a bank account is deleted, the account is no longer available in the BankData coding screen. To complete the deletion, you will also need to contact the bank to delete the feed.)


Sharing Bank Feed Management 

Your clients can have access to Bank Feed Management to add and delete Bank Feeds.

1. Click +Share to share a link to the reckon portal 

2. Add your clients details and customise the email.

  • Your client will receive an email requesting them to set a password to the reckon portal and with a link to the Feed Collection.



Link your XPA Ledger and your Bank Feed

1. Go to XPA > File > File Details

2. Select the Ellipsis button to open the Link Feed Collection screen. 

3. Select or search for a Feed Collection and double click or use the select button to select that Feed collection

  • There are a number of options to assist locating the feed collection:

  • Click on ‘Feed Collection’ column and sort by alphabetical order
  • Type in the Find field  
  • Sort the list by ‘Ledger Linked’ – Feeds that aren’t linked to a ledger will show unlinked (blank)

4. Set the General ledger account code against each of the bank accounts

  • The XPA ledger filename is now shown in the Ledger Linked column.  Where a feed is not selected against a ledger (Orphan feed), the Ledger Linked column is blank.
  • A Feed Collection can only be linked to one XPA ledger.  Selecting a feed collection that is linked to a different XPA ledger, will deselect it from the original ledger.


Launching BankData

BankData is available to be launched after a Feed Collection is selected against the XPA ledger. The coding window can be accessed in 2 ways: 

  • Central Console > XPA Ledger band 
    • Select Client > Edit Mode > Select XPA ledger and right click for the Launch BankData option.
  • XPA > Launch > BankData

Launching BankData will open the coding screen below. When launching BankData, if a bank feed has not had a general ledger account code assigned, the Set Bank Account window will display.


QIF Transactions

Importing QIF Transactions

This process is very useful for uploading transactions during the transition period to BankData. 

Refer to  KA-03367 for assistance on the Banklink extraction process.

1. Go to XPA > Launch > BankData

2. In the coding screen select the ellipses 

3. Click on the Upload Transactions

4. Upload button select the .qif file and confirm the import.


  • If the imported transactions are not displayed, check the selected date range includes the dates of the imported transactions.

Deleting QIF Transactions

Uncoded .qif transactions can be deleted. select Remove Transactions.

1. Go to XPA > Launch > BankData

2. In the coding screen select the Ellipses 

3. Select Remove Transactions

4. Check the items you wish to remove and select the Remove Selected button


Coding & Reports

Learn more about Coding and Reports available within BankData using our BankData Coding Online article


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