Reckon Docs Commentary


We've updated our Discretionary Trust documents to improve consistency across all our documentation. 
The invoice has been refreshed and simplified.
Documents have been improved to support greater coverage of Discretionary Trust structures. 

Technical Details

Updated products

  • Discretionary trust

Summary of updated documents

  • Solicitor letter
    • highlights foreign beneficiaries
  • Guide
    • reflect latest fees quoted by each state/territory
  • Document execution
    • Execution clauses updated across all documents where applicable
    • Date placeholders added for all execution clauses where applicable
  • Trust deed (v1.13h -> v1.13.2)
    • Version updated to include customer's order number
  • Minutes and resolutions
    • greater coverage on a range of discretionary trust structures (Minutes of Meetings, Minutes of Directors' Meetings, and Resolution of Sole Director of Trustee Company)
    • added a statement to define the parties' capacity (e.g. as trustees, as directors of trustee company, or as sole director of trustee company)
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