What's New?

Enhance your workflow reporting capabilities by using the interactive real-time reporting tool known as the Work Centre to manage individual or team workflow, update workflow, view capacity and much more. 

Contracts allows you to easily setup and manage your fixed fee agreements.  

Find out more about how to customise your own Invoice and Statement with basic changes like logos and fonts. 

The days of manually entering receipt information are over with the new receipt import function available with Practice Management 11.  Learn how you can save hours of time by importing receipts with just the following information:  Receipt Date, Invoice Number and Amount.  It’s that simple. 

Maintaining critical reporting attributes in your database can be a challenge.  With business and personnel restructures, reflecting changes back in the database can be time consuming.  Until now, any bulk attribute changes required an APS team member to directly edit the database at a cost to you.  We have listened to your request to have your own bulk maintenance attribute tool and have provided this function in Practice Management 11.  Empowering you to make the changes you want, when you want, in your own time. 

 The PM Toolkit utility enables clients to create custom attributes and attribute sets for APS. 

The APS Cloud Application services enable all practice users the accessibility of the firms data on any device with an internet connection.  Cloud Timesheets also include voice recognition narrations. 

REVEAL enables you to innovatively delve into complex layers of data with the ability to view shareholder percentages, track changes to corporate structure, filter your results and export data in various formats. REVEAL saves you hours of time and ensures you don’t miss out on critical information

What should I do before upgrading?

Review the release notes carefully to understand the impact the upgrade may have on current business processes:

Once you're ready, schedule the upgrade with your technical team.  

Stay Informed with Known Issues

Please refer to the knowledge base article KA-01770 for any known issues related to this release. We recommend reviewing this article on a regular basis to ensure you’re aware of any issues and their solutions.

Ready to download the software?

Click the download button below to check the prerequisites for this release and to download the software.  Please note you have to be signed in to MyAPS and be a Practice Management client to access the download page. if you having any difficulty access this page, please let us know how we can help. 

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