What is it?

The APS Cloud Application service enable all practice users the accessibility of the firms data on any device with an internet connection.  

Client Hub

This enables staff to access client information without the requirements to logon to the practice network via a Virtual Private Network connection.  It provides the client details and attribute data through a web browser or on your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Mobile Timesheets

With mobile timesheets, you’ll never have to type a timesheet narration again!  Use your voice recognition function on your device to record your narrations on the go. This easy to use app lets you update and complete your timesheets anywhere, anytime.

Web Timesheets

Not always connected to your remote office, and just need to get those timesheets completed?  If you have access to a browser, you can have access to your timesheets.


BankData for Accountants is an easy to use cloud application that allows you to connect to your client's bank and import their latest banking transactions seamlessly into your XPA Ledgers.

NZ Tax 

You can now receive TDS Transactional data services from IRD through to your APS NZ Tax application using the APS Cloud services. 

What should I do before activating Cloud Service?

Review the following guides carefully to understand the impact the upgrade may have on current business processes:

Please read the Cloud Timesheet user guide, it contains important information for each team member to register on how to access the cloud and Web Timesheets and how to install and use the mobile application.

 The following guide will help you understand what is required to run the Cloud Application service and how to configure it.


What are the Pre-Requisites to this update?

The minimum pre-requisite to use our cloud application is PM 11.

If you have already installed version PM11 and have set up Cloud applications, then there is no need to set up Cloud applications again with PM11.2.  If you're unsure that you have set up Cloud Synchronization Services, please refer to KA-01215.


How do I register for the APS Cloud Application?

To use APS Cloud Application, you will need to register and provide us with the required information. Please note you only have to register once.


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