What is it?

REVEAL is an interactive tool that instantly maps out your search results to show you connections between people, companies and assets in one simple visualisation. 

If you are an Infotrack client using Reveal for searches, you are able to enable the integration with Practice Management v11. 

The following guide and video includes:

  • The integration between Reckon APS Practice Management and InfoTrack
  • The pre-requisites required for the integration
  • Also a quick tour of how the integration will look in Reckon APS Practice Management

PM11 InfoTrack User Guide  (Includes configuration)


I don't have an InfoTrack account. Where can I find out more?

REVEAL by Infotrack enables you to innovatively delve into complex layers of data with the ability to view shareholder percentages, track changes to corporate structure, filter your results and export data in various formats. REVEAL saves you hours of time and ensures you don’t miss out on critical information.

 Check out our Partner page for more information. 



How do I Register for it?

In case you don't have an InfoTrack account, you will need to register to use the InfoTrack integration. InfoTrack will assist with the activation of the integration service. After your request, allow 5 working days for InfoTrack to assist with the activation.



Once you have received your registration details, you will be able to configure the Integration as described in the PM11 InfoTrack User Guide

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