What is it?

Contracts allows you to easily setup and manage your fixed fee agreements and is a new function available now in Practice Management 11. 

The course includes an Introduction to Contracts, followed by a series of six ‘How to…’ videos to complete the process of creation and management of Contracts.  Go to the PM Contracts Playlist for more..

If you are not able to see the reports for Contracts, ask your technical team to install them for you.


What are the pre-requisites for the reports? 

Enhanced reporting is available for the Contracts feature in Practice Management 11.x.  These reports use Microsoft Reporting Services functionality. 
If your practice already uses Practice IQ, then you will have Microsoft Reporting services configured, and you can continue to configure the new reports as described in the “Contracts Reporting Installation notes”. 
If your practice doesn’t use Practice IQ, you will need to set up Reporting Services as a component of SQL on the server for the first time.  Please refer to Microsoft support if you need more information on how to do this on your version of SQL.  The new reports can then be configured on the new Reporting Services server.

Review the Installation Notes here for the installation process.


How do I install it?

Please read the installation instructions and follow it step by step to configure the Contract Reports. Download the RDL files required for this installation.



Follow the Installation Notes carefully to guide you through the installation process.

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