An Issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax with the bulk activity statement creation.

In SBR there is no way for us to determine whether or not the agent is responsible for the lodgement of the AS for the client as the ATO reports do not contain the required data. This means that the reports we get from the ATO contain ALL activity statements for ALL of the clients, regardless of whether the agent actually does the AS. 

Previously, in ELS, when a CU was lodged, there was a question "Receive activity statement electronically". If this was set, the client would then appear on the agent list and it would appear on the RPTAB (for BAS) or RPTAI (for IAS) reports. These were the reports that bulk activity statement creation was using.

The SBR CU does not ask this question, just whether the agent is responsible at the client or activity statement level. This means that the ATO does not have the information needed to filter the report to make it useful for large clients. The client sees a huge list with no obvious way to tell if the agent needs to do the report. As the ATO don't collect the data, we can't get it and thus can't use it.


Neither the ATO or APS Tax can now determine a suitable filter. The agent is the only party with the information to filter this information properly. The only solution seems to be for us to include a new attribute in PM somewhere (Aus File Numbers?) called Activity Statement Lodgement Responsibility? This could allow choices of "agent", "other" or blank.

In bulk AS creation we could include that column and allow the client to filter so they can see a list containing only clients for which the agent has lodgement responsibility.

This feature will be included in future release.

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