The Banklink .qif file extraction process enables users to import entries into BankData. This process is very useful where the entries may have already been downloaded during the transition period to BankData and entries may have already been partially processed. The steps below simply act as a guide.

Note : To start the .qif file extraction, the entries in Banklink must be unlocked for the selected period.

Banklink Extraction Process

1. Unlock Entries

  • Other Functions > Housekeeping > Unlock Accounting Period

2. Once the accounting period is unlocked, go to Other Functions > Accounting System

3. In the System Used field, choose Business Products – QIF from the drop down list

4. Create and select the folder where these ‘‘.qif’’ files will be saved to.

5. Select OK.

6. In BankLink, go back to Other Systems Menu and Select the Extract Data option

7. Select the date range you require for data extraction (these fields will be pre-populated with the current BankLink period dates).

8. Check that the extract file has been created in your nominated folder.

Example below:

9. To recognise the fields for the ‘‘.qif’’ entries. use the information below as a guide.

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