Below is a list of frequently asked questions for Machine Credentials.

Q1:  How do I configure a MyGovID? Is it similar to configuring the AUSkey for each user? How do the user get the ID?

A1:  You do not 'configure' a myGovID - you set the authorisations for the owner of the myGovID via the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). There is a facility to import the authorisations that exist for the AUSkey across to be used in RAM. To configure APS for lodgement, you will first need to obtain myGovID which is your digital 100 point ID check.

Q2:  Do I need to create Machine Credentials once and then use it on every computer that uses APS to be able lodge?

A2:  A machine credential is required for every machine that communicates with the ATO using software. If you are allowing users to perform functions such as pre-lodge, Activity Statement listing and pre-fill on their own machines, then each such machine will require a machine credential.

You can setup one Machine Credential to be used company-wide. See Knowledge Article KA-03749 for information on how to do this.

Q3:  Are there any special configurations that need to be done for the setup of machine credentials for clients on a Terminal Server or APS Hosted Private Cloud?

A3:  Using a terminal server or citrix to connect to the ATO, then a machine credential will be required for the terminal server machine(s) or Hosted Private Cloud.

There is a special release of APS AU Tax (2019.8) to cater for Machine Credentials for larger IT infrastructures (Citrix & Terminal Server environments). You can read the Release Notes for that version in Knowledge Article KA-03342. If you need the 2019.8 release please contact APS Support.

Q4:  My practice utilises foreign nationals to access the ATO portal. I understand that they are not able to get access to a MyGovID that will allow access to the ATO. What can I do?

A4:  The ATO is working on an IP1+ credential for people who cannot get an IP2 credential. This will not be available until next year and will not provide full access to online services for tax agents (the full list of what is not available has not yet been published).

Q5:  How does it impact Reckon APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms? i.e. Creation of forms, Validation of forms, Lodgements, Tax admin functionality?

A5:  There will be a directory where the location of the machine credential is stored in Tax Manager. Other than that, there is no difference to users except that they may be asked to choose the credential if there is more than one available in the keystore file (i.e. this may only occur while the AUSkey is also available during this transition process).

Q6:  Each of the links to ATO information seems targeted at businesses. I was wondering if there is anything aimed at usage by Agents.

A6:  Tax agents are also businesses. That said, the ATO are publishing a large amount of information on this in the near future and we will provide a link to this once it becomes available.

Q7: How to set up company-wide lodgement using one machine credential?

A7: Please refer to Knowledge Article KA-03749.

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