How to setup the Machine Credentials in APS.

SBR uses your Machine credential to authenticate any interaction with the ATO. In preparation for SBR lodgement, Tax Manager will collect and store your keystore location plus password and use this information every time your system contacts the ATO.

In Tax Manager, select Action > SBR Configuration. The following screen will display:

  1. It is likely that you are currently using AUSkey, once you setup Machine Credential you will be presented with a prompt asking to pick the option to use. Therefore, it is best to enter a name that clearly states that a Machine Credential will be used for the connection to the ATO. For example, John-MachineCredential. Don't worry, it can be edited later if needed.
  2. In the Keystore Path field, select the ellipsis button and browse to the directory where the Machine Credential file resides. The system must be able to locate and read this file to proceed.
  3. Select the file and the system will provide a list of available credentials.
  4. Select the credential for the machine.
  5. The system will pre-fill the Serial Number, Legal Name and MAC Address fields.
  6. Enter and confirm the Machine Credential password provided by the issuer. Click Test Connection to ensure the password and the connection to the ATO works correctly.
  7. Click Save to save the lodgement credential profile.

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