An issue was identified in APS Tax 2019.6.0 within Tax Data Extractor (TDE) that may have affected Tax Manager. The two known and reported issues are with:

1) Return Attributes section has missing fields

2) Assessments section is blank

Possible cause

The Tax Data Extractor (TDE) may have removed fields of some tables within the Database due to the following issue below. It seems that in this case, only the Company return type was used that triggered the problem.

About TDE

  • The TDE has two sections: Unused Tags and Used Tags
  • The Used Tags that are greyed out are generally tagged as mandatory or required fields
  • These Used Tags may have relation with other sections of the Application
  • The Unused Tags can be moved to the Used Tags section if user wants to display it in Tax Manager


  • As an example, go to Tax Year: 2019 for Return Type: Company
  • Select Calc – All other expenses
  • Click on the > icon to move it to the Used Tags

  • The Calc – All other expenses is now on the Used Tags section

  • If the Calc – All other expenses is selected first
  • Then, select – a mandatory tag - Calc – Cost of Sale is selected 
  • The move icon < is not activated

  • However, if a mandatory tag is selected first i.e. Calc – Cost of Sale
  • Then the editable tag - Calc – All other expenses
  • The move icon < is activated

  • When the < icon is selected, it would move both mandatory and editable tags


  • If the TDE is restarted, the Calc – Cost of Sale is actually back on the Used Tags section
  • However, within the Database, the used value for the mandatory tag changes
  • These steps likely caused the issues Tax Manager has experienced.


The TDE issue has been logged to be fixed in Reckon APS 2019.7.0. In the meantime, we recommend not to perform the above within TDE to avoid further issues


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