Note: This issue has been fixed in Reckon APS Tax 2019.7.0. This fix can be applied if your version is lower.

Please follow the below steps provided below if you are experiencing the following issues:

1. Activity Statements are only created as Blank and does not prefill the data from the ATO. It comes up with the below error:

Error(s) occurred: Do you want to create a blank Activity Statement return?

2. The ATO reports are returning a message Unknown and does not download the particular report ( ITCRPT, ASLRPT, etc etc) from the ATO. 

Please Note: This tool only needs to be run once. You can run this from any work station that is using the APS Software. The users can still be in the System while you run this tool.

Please follow the Below steps in order to run the tool that is created to fix the above two mentioned issues.

1. Make a backup of your Database as this tool will update your APS Database Tables with relevant required entries.

2. Download the attached Zipped file on any computer in your office that uses APS Software. (AS Fixer.Zip)

3. Please unzip the Downloaded file. (AS Fixer.Zip)

4. You will get two files extracted from the AS Fixer.Zip (adodb.dll & as2020fix.exe) You might not see the extension of .exe but its still an application file. 

5. Please make sure that both files are located in the same directory as shown below.

6. Double Click on as2020fix file to run the application, upon running this file it will open the AS Fixer box, and prompt you with your connection string. If there is no change required to the string simple click on Update.  

7. Once the update is finished you will receive another box AS Updater confirming that the update was sucessful. Please click on OK on that message to close off the AS Updater. 

8. Please close off the AS updater connection string box by clicking on the X on the top right hand corner of the box. 

9. Please restart your APS software if the software is already open, If its closed open the software and you should be able to create the Activity Statements with ATO prefilled Data and successfully able to download the ATO reports. 

If after following the above steps, you are still unable to create the Activity Statements with ATO data prefilled, or still receiving a message "Unknown" when retrieveing reports please contact APS support and Quote KA-03593.


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