An issue has been identified in Reckon APS Tax 2016.1.0 whereby validation error CMN.ATO.CTR.428099 was generated when the Capital Losses in 13V was manually entered. However the value of the Capital Losses carried forward should flow from the losses schedule. 

CMN.ATO.CTR.428099 - Losses schedule must be attached where total of tax losses and net capital losses exceeds $100000

This has been logged to be fixed in future release, in the interim, the workaround below is available.

1. Change the consolidated status to 1 consolidated head company. 

2. Click Ok to overwrite the value. 

3. Change the consolidated status back to blank. 

4. You will see the value populated in 13V. 

5. You will notice a validation error VR.ATO.LS.414023. To remove this error, please answer the question (label L) under Losses Schedule – Has a changeover time occurred in relation to the company?

This has been raised as a bug to be fixed in future release. 

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