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This article provides instructions how to set up the M2M credentials on Reckon Elite Desktop Version.

Once you have completed the installation of the M2M keystore file with the ATO (see instructions here) please follow the instructions below to finalize the setup within Elite

Important Note: If you cannot locate the ATOMAS folder either on your desktop File Explorer OR in the Elite M2M Credential setup, the M2M installation was not completed successfully. In this case, please contact the ATO for support on this installation. Once this file is visible on your machine using this file path, you can continue with the Elite setup : C:\users\[yourcomputername]\appdata\Roaming\ATOMAS

Use the following steps to setup the M2M Credentials screen

  • In Elite Practice Management select the ATO Processing tab then click on PLS Setup

  • On the PLS Setup screen click New
  • On the M2M Keystore File field, click on Browse.

 If it takes you to the path: C:\users\[yourcomputername]\appdata\Roaming\Auskey, please navigate back to the Roaming Folder and go to ATOMAS > Keystore_new.xml

  • Alternatively you can enter the M2M Keystore File path manually within the M2M Keystore File field and click the Enter button.
  • Left click on the M2M Keystore File and select open to add the M2M Keystore File.

•    Note: Do not select the keystore.xml file that is located in C:\users\[yourcomputername]\appdata\Roaming\Auskey

  • On the Select credential…… field click on the drop down arrow to select the credential (ABN and Tax Agent numbers) from the list. When this option is completed. 
  • Go to Credential Password field and key in the password twice as prompted by the software. Please use the password that you created when setting up the MyGovID within the Relationship Authorisation Manager.
  • Go to Tax Agent field and select your own Tax Agent from the drop down list
  • Tick the box that says Use M2M credentials when connecting to the ATO 
  • Select the Save option then Close the M2M Credentials screen.
  • Restart Reckon Elite Practice Management

How to Setup M2M with Elite Practice Management

After setting up your M2M in the PLS Setup. Make sure you go to the Practice Setup Tab then click on Edit Users

Then Users & enter the Full name for the PLS Lodgement

If you have any difficulties with any of the above, please contact Reckon Elite support on 1300 277 787 or

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