This article has all Known Issues to date relating to the General Release of APS NZ Xcede Sheets April 2020

This article will include links to hot fix files where available, and information relating specifically to this release.

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The table below lists issues that have been raised in this release.







2n-Imputation_Credit Notes: Summarised Imputation Credit note is incorrectly printing 'Nil' for last year's value Logged KA-04486 XCED-4387  
2GraphProfitMargin Bar graph is incorrectly hidden when 'Total Trading Revenue' is the same Trading Gross Surplus/Profit Logged KA-04480 XCED-4384  
2incomeStatement Beneficiary Income Distributions in the previous year is incorrectly showing as a 'Transfer to Trustee Income' Logged KA-04373 XCED-4325  
2Index_JobOrder Index sheet cannot be selected as Index when running Xcede reports from Central Console Logged KA-04347 XCED-3691  
2n_Unsecured_TL  Notes : Overlapping text causing pagination issues in Term Loan Note Logged KA-04341 XCED-4315  
2n-SettlorAccount Incorrect style in Comparative year Opening Balance Logged KA-04239 XCED-4205  
2BalanceSheet Need a line space before the printing of the 'Approval of the Performance Report Note'  for an NFP3 and NFP4 Logged KA-04289 XCED-4230  
2BalanceSheet Pagination issue- Incorrect page break at Equity section Logged KA-04235 XCED-4203  
2IncomeStatement Livestock figures are not showing when purchases and closing stock adds to zero Fixed KA-04031 XCED-3994 Hotfix Sept
2BalanceSheet Pagination Issue when FRF is set to force a page break Logged KA-03988 XCED-3918  
2n-NCA_Investments Values are not printing when Quantity Column is not set to print. Fixed KA-03899 XCED-3808 Hotfix Sept
2n-Policy Rental Revenue Recognition policy note is incorrectly printing when rental income does not exist Fixed KA-03897 XCED-3795 Hotfix Sept
2GraphSales The legend for year is not displaying correctly Fixed KA-03881 XCED-3780 Hotfix Sept
2Consol_IncomeStatement Schedule of Expenses prints an incorrect 'Uncategorised Expenses' line Fixed KA-03873 XCED-3770 Hotfix Sept
2Cashflow13P Incorrect title in Cash Movement section Fixed KA-03849 XCED-3735 Hotfix Sept
2Cashflow13P Expense class 2 prints with an inconsistent font Fixed KA-03850 XCED-3737 Hotfix Sept
2RentalSchedule Page 1 of Rental Schedule is blank. Fixed KA-03086 XCED-3387 Hotfix Sept


Hotfix files - Updated 24th September 2020

Known Issues List - Last updated on 16th December 2020



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