When cloud timsheet entries are synchronised into the on-premise database, the total number of entries in Cloud timesheet should agree with the total number of entries in on-premise database. If there are any discrepancies it will be shown in the TIME RECON form. This form can be accessed via Timesheet Administration console

This seems be an intermittent issue. We are currently unable to replicate this issue in our environment. Please assist us by providing information to the questionnaire in Knowledge article KA-03764

Steps to identify Timesheet discrepancies

  1. Launch Timesheet Administration console
  2. In the left had pane, select a week header and right click on the selected header 
  3. Choose the option Reconciliation update.

4. This will launch the TIME RECON form.

5. Click on the tab Cloud Recon. Any discrepancies will be shown in this page.

How to correct the discrepancies in Cloud timesheets

This will need to be escalated to development to correct the data in Dynamo database (cloud database). We can only correct the entries in Active timesheet headers.Please ensure the timesheet headers for the affected staff are marked as Active and not Complete or Posted.

Please provide the following to correct the entries in Dynamo database

  • Screenshot of the TIME RECON form showing the staff names and the discrepancies  
  • Timesheet listing report for all affected staff. This can be printed via the Timesheet Administration console. (In Timesheet Administration console, select the staff name for the affected week and click on the Printer button to print the report)

  • Timesheet header IDs for all affected staff

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