Following error occurs when replacing matter milestones using the milestone option "Replace existing milestones (with actual values re-updated where possible)

Milestone update Error

An error occurred updating milestones.

Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types.
Source: mscorlib

A similar error is also generated when deleting client matters with milestones.

Unexpected error

An unexpected error has occurred and the console will now exit.


Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types.

Additional error details have been placed in the clipboard as well as written to your event log. If the problem continues, please email these details to your internalAPS contact, together with information on how to reproduce this error.


This issue has been fixed in the Practice Management version 11.2 hot fixes . The fix file is available for download from the PM download page. The fix file is also included in Practice Management 11.2.2 installation package.

The file APS.RP.DATA.DLL should be placed in the Adv2000 folder on any workstation or server where PM 11.2 is installed. Overwrite the existing file.


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