How to setup the Machine Credential to be used company-wide.

This feature is available from 2019.8.0 or higher.

If you have a machine credential that is to be used company-wide for all staff interaction with the ATO, a one step global setup can be configured via the Lodgement Maintenance utility. Only users who have JOE Rights to this screen can access this administrative function.

Note: For setting up a company-wide machine credential, the M2MKeystore file will need to be stored on a network directory. In the screen shot below the key store path is the location of the file (i.e. UNC path or a shared network folder). Ensure this location is accessible by all users that intend to use the company-wide Machine Credential setup.

For users who have sufficient rights, in Tax Manager, select Action > Lodgement Maintenance. The following screen will display:

  1. This screen will list all the machine credentials setup for the company from various machines.
  2. Select the specific machine profile from the list you wish to setup as a company-wide profile.
  3. All the details relating to the profile will be displayed on the right.
  4. Set the option for "Allow credential for all machines?" to be YES.
  5. Click Save to save the lodgement credential profile.

Once this has been setup, when a user lodges, it will now display the machine credential setup on their machine plus the company-wide credential.

If you are still on 2019.7.0 or prior, please contact APS support as 2019.8.0 is a limited release at present.

Note: By default, FortiClient VPN uses a predefined MAC address for the virtual ethernet adaptor. Due to this, a profile for the machine credential can be viewed from other machines that have the same FortiClient VPN installed. Click here for more information on FortiClient's virtual MAC addresses.

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