This article highlights all Known Issues to date relating to Reckon APS Tax 2020.

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Status - Under Investigation. These errors have been reported by our clients but haven't been confirmed as a bug. Once it's confirmed as a bug, a KA will be created and listed.

Last Updated: 25/11/2020 


- Current Release 2020.5.0 (19/11/2020)

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
IITR.730293 & IITR.730294 KA-04448 Individual TAX-641 Under Investigation Yes
IITR.730457 upon Prelodge and Lodgement KA-04438 Individual TAX-635 Under Investigation Yes
Unable to load selected page error when clicking on Return Details KA-04446 Tax Manger TAX-638 Under Investigation No

Reckon APS Tax 2020.4.0

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
Exception generation error when entering amounts in Dividends Paid KA-04416 Company TAX-615 Fixed in 2020.5.0 Yes
Prelodge error CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 where Managed fund has NZ franking credit KA-04439 Individual TAX-637 Under Investigation Yes
Return with 100 Assets Failed to Roll Over KA-04431 Individual TAX-625 Under Investigation No
CMN.ATO.IITR.300011 and XML04 error during pre-lodge due to zeros in Managed Fund worksheet KA-04427 Individual TAX-622 Under Investigation Yes
Total of Acquisition Cost Printed Incorrectly KA-04426 Individual TAX-621 Under Investigation Yes
INCDTLS.000025 Error - Australian Government benefit tax withheld amount must not be provided KA-04413 Individual TAX-609 Fixed in 2020.5.0 Yes
VR.ATO.GEN.438010 triggered with PSI as Type of Activity for Business Income KA-04404 Individual TAX-593 Under Investigation Yes
Printing Reconciliation of tax to accounting income KA-04402 Individual TAX-591 Fixed in 2020.5.0 No
Prelodge error - CMN.ATO.IITR.730412 KA-04399 Individual TAX-585 Fixed in 2020.5.0 Yes

Reckon APS Tax 2020.3.1

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
Postal address incorrectly completes Line 2 with another address in ASCRPT KA-04352 ASCRPT TAX-488 Under Investigation No
/xbrli:xbrl/tns:InternationalDealings.ForeignSourceIncomeOthers.Amount[@contexRef=”ReportingParty”] during prelodge KA-04355 Individual TAX-492 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
/tns:INCDTLS.../tns:TaxPayAsYouGoWithholdingCreditTaxWithheldEmploymentTerminationPaymentA during prelodge KA-04354 Individual TAX-491 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object error when synchronizing rental data KA-04353 Individual TAX-490 Under Investigation Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.730088 from trust distribution with foreign income KA-04345 Individual TAX-480 Fixed in 2020.5.0 Yes
Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object error when rolled over from 2019 to 2020 KA-04339 Individual TAX-466 Fixed in 2020.4.0 No
INCDTLS222 due to zero NZ franking credits from trust distribution KA-04330 Individual TAX-453 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
Individual Return Printing Blank Page KA-04325 Individual TAX-447 Fixed in 2020.4.0 No
Incorrect printing for multiple partnership distribution in Income Schedule KA-04320 Individual TAX-445 Fixed in 2020.4.0 No
Negative PAYG Installment not Accepted for Monthly Installment KA-04306 Individual TAX-424 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
Losses not pulling from the Forestry investment Scheme KA-04297 Individual TAX-416 Fixed in 2020.4.0 No
FITO flowing incorrectly into Income schedule report KA-04291 Individual TAX-397 Fixed in 2020.4.0 No
CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000332 during lodgement KA-04288 Individual TAX-409 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
Lodgement error - CMN.ATO.GEN.EM0001 URI = ICDLZL08 KA-04285 Individual TAX-403 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
Non Assessable Non Exempt income does not reduce PSI income KA-04281 Individual TAX-398 Fixed in 2020.4.0 No
XBRL instance document sent to the ATO does not match the return data KA-04273 Individual TAX-303 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000186, CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000188, CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000220 when prelodge with managed fund prefilled KA-04254 Individual TAX-385 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.EM0028 Upon Lodgement KA-04253 Individual TAX-384 ATO Issue Yes
CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 /tns:INCDTL/tns:Rp/tns:DividendsCollection/tns:Dividends[]/tns:OrganisationNameDetails KA-04259 Individual TAX-387 User Error Yes
Capital gains not flowing through properly from trust to beneficiary's return KA-04311 Trust TAX-435 Under Investigation Yes

Reckon APS Tax 2020.3.0

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
CMN.ATO.IITR.730295 Error in Other category 4 income KA-04243 Individual TAX-368 Fix in 2020.4.0 Yes
Data in shared rental schedule not saving after upgrade KA-04213 Individual TAX-331 Fixed in 2020.3.1 No
Tax List: There was an error obtaining the data - when using two filters at the same time KA-04236 Tax List TAX-361 Under Investigation Ys
Single month period showing Error 44013 after export to excel for AS KA-04218 Tax List TAX-333 Fix in 2020.4.0 No
CMN.ATO.IITR.730377 When the individual is an Australian resident for the full year, the Country of residence when the interest was paid or credited in the attached Income Details schedule must not be provided. KA-04222 Individual


Fix in 2020.4.0 Yes

Reckon APS Tax 2020.2.0

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
CMN.ATO.IITR.730095 KA-04206 Individual TAX-307 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000321 - when the related year for lump sum E not filled KA-04204 Individual TAX-309 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
Unable to Clear VR.ATO.IITR.730480 in Individual Return KA-04183 Individual TAX-277 Fixed in 2020.3.0 Yes
VR.ATO.IITR.100043 Adjusted Taxable Income KA-04176 Individual TAX-243 Fixed in 2020.3.0 Yes
Unable to add row under Gross Income and foreign Tax paid KA-04175 Individual TAX-242 Fixed in 2020.3.0 Yes

Allocation target is blank where asset belongs to rental property

KA-04157 Individual TAX-233 Fixed in 2020.3.0 Yes
Unable to remove rental property or clear RNTLPRPTY SBR errors. KA-04158 Individual TAX-235 Fixed in 2020.4.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.LCMSF.000207 - Unable to Lodge Local File Master File KA-04163 LCMSF TAX-237 Fixed in 2020.3.0 No
Period and Type selection missing for 2021 TFN report. KA-04165 TFN Report TAX-238 Fixed in 2020.3.0  No
Item 32 Non-concessional MIT Income (NCMI) prints even when it is not required KA-04192 Trust TAX-288 Fixed in 2020.3.0 No
CMN.ATO.IITR.000283 - Other deductions relating to amounts shown is incorrect KA-04196 Individual TAX-293 Fixed in 2020.3.0 No

Reckon APS Tax 2020.1.0

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
CMN.ATO.GEN.010029 when no amendment details in the form KA-04024 Rollover AT-5052 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
There is no data to preview when Printing/Exporting/Previewing 2020 AMIT KA-04056 AMIT TAX-106 Fixed in 2020.2.0 No
CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000012 in pre-lodge with fringe benefits manually entered KA-04123 Individual TAX-179 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.022015 cannot be removed KA-04112 Individual TAX-170 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
Errors related to Shared Rental
IITR.300094, IITR.300105, IITR.310084, IITR.730000, IITR.730205, IITR.730211, IITR.730214, IITR.730216, IITR.730218, IITR.730220, IITR.730307
KA-04109 Individual TAX-234 Fixed in 2020.3.0 Yes
Cannot remove INCDTLS222 with managed fund distribution from the prefill KA-04117 Individual TAX-171 Fixed in 2020.3.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.730436 with Special professional income KA-04077 Individual TAX-128 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
Footers not marked if the schedule/data is being sent to the ATO KA-04076 Individual TAX-131 Under Investigation No
CMN.ATO.IITR.EM000265 during pre-lodge in production KA-04075 Individual TAX-133 Fixed by ATO No
CMN.ATO.IITR.730057 cannot be removed KA-04074 Individual TAX-113 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.730374 KA-04069 Individual - Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.EM001213 All Eligible Termination Payment (ETP) details required. Correct issue and resubmit lodgment KA-04066 Individual TAX-340 ATO issue
Fix in 2020.4.0
12G is printing while it should not KA-04051 Individual AT-5066 Fixed in 2020.2.0 No
CMN.ATO.IITR.000614 - Other refundable tax offsets amount is invalid KA-04036 Individual - Fixed in  2020.2.0 No
Rental Property to Which This Asset Belongs field is blank after rollover to 2020 KA-04010 Individual AT-5049 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
INCDTLS470, INCDTLS471, CMN.ATO.IITR.730478 are triggering incorrectly KA-04039 Individual - Fixed in  2020.2.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.CTR.430015 showing in return but pre-lodge successful KA-04118 Company TAX-172 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
Question 25 and 26 missing from Category C reportable tax positions under Reportable Tax Positions schedule KA-04065 Company TAX-111 Fixed in 2020.2.0 No
Conflicting messages between footer and schedule KA-04105 Partnership,
TAX-131 Fixed in 2020.2.0 No
CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000016 Reportable Fringe Benefits Amount must be provided KA-04034 Reportable Fringe Benefits TAX-74 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
VR.ATO.IEE.410226, VR.ATO.IEE.410223 cannot be cleared KA-04019 Trust AT-5053 Under Investigation Yes
Personal contribution is missing from the Tax List Customiser KA-04020 Tax List - Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
CMN.ATO.IITR.000263, CMN.ATO.IITR.302101, CMN.ATO.IITR.730296 triggering incorrectly KA-04112 Individual TAX-170 Fixed in 2020.2.0 No
CMN.ATO.IITR.730186 Superannuation Lump Sum taxed element must be provided. KA-04138 Individual TAX-188 Fixed in 2020.2.0 No

Reckon APS Tax 2020.0.0

Description KA Form Type Release Ref Status Workaround
Expired Initiating Party Certificate KA-03801


- Information -
Rate to use for converting excess franking credits to a tax loss KA-03877 Company AT-4671 Fixed in 2020.1.0 No

Item 48 E showing Opening WDV instead of Closing WDV

KA-03859 Trust AT-4661 Fixed in 2020.1.0 No

Document corrupt during save operation after entering PAGYI amount and rate

KA-03874 AS AT-4717 Fixed in 2020.1.0 No

Foreign income/loss does not print when distributing in a partnership return.

KA-03882 Partnership AT-4750 Fixed in 2020.3.0 No
Balance of previous assessment is incorrect when ammended trust no longer distributes to ammended Individual return. KA-03903 Individual AT-4776 Fixed in 2020.2.0 Yes
VR.ATO.PAYEVNT.000191 Payee Record Count must be equal to the number of children. KA-04023 STP - Fixed in 2020.1.0 Yes

There are currently no Hotfixes for this version.
Any future Hotfixes will be available in the MyAPS Portal Downloads page. You will need to log in to the Portal to access this page.

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