Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pre-requisites required for the Leased Assets feature? 

XPA 11 plus hotfixes includes the ability to identify a leased asset.

Xcede Reporting Engine 10.9.1 includes a new formula to identify the leased assets in XPA 11.

Can I use an earlier version of XPA with the NZ Xcede 2020 Sheets? 

Some Xcede sheets rely on information captured in XPA. If XPA is not upgraded, the data is not available and the sheets will return a #value or may not display information that should have been presented. 

Can I use an earlier version of Xcede reporting engine with the NZ Xcede 2020 Sheets? 

Where an earlier version of the Reporting Engine is used, new functions in the Xcede Sheets will return #value or could result in information not being displayed. 

Why do I need XPA 11 + hotfixes for Leased Assets?

XPA 11 was modified to identify Leased Asset data. This data is used by the following sheets: 

  • 2n-FixedAssets (NZIFRS compliance note)
  • 2n-Leases (Right-of-Use Assets table)
  • 2DepnNZLeased-P, 2DepnNZLeased (Leased depreciation asset schedule will not print any asset details).

Do I have to apply the hotfix files for XPA 11?

It is best practice to apply hotfixes. Hotfix files are released in order to correct issues identified in a particular release. The Known Issues article will contain details of the fixes. 

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