The 901/ Ledger Management application is an invaluable tool for generating lists of clients with tax obligations at various due dates, and processing letters or e-mails for these clients.

Processing more than one tax letter at a time is referred to as bulk processing. When processing a single letter via e-mail, it is sent via the default e-mail application (usually Microsoft Outlook). However, when e-mailing more then one tax letter it must be sent using SMTP services. 

Getting Started

There are a number of videos to assist with getting started with 901s.

Take a look at APS NZ Tax 901 System and User Settings for details on setting your system up your system to use the application and process letters individually or in bulk.

Once the System and User Settings have been set up, the APS NZ Tax 901 selection Ribbon Overview and APS NZ TAX 901 Results Grid videos explain what's involved in drawing up a relevant tax list for the required due date.


The APS NZ TAX 901 Results Grid Processing Section video details of how to process the relevant letters.

Additional information is available from the online help files which you can access from any Central Console page's Help menu. For 901 info, see Help - NZ Tax Management - Help - IR901 processing.

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