Practice Management 10 introduced new technology for Invoice and Statement reporting, called REPX, to align with the Bulk Correspondence functionality. With REPX layouts activated, individual invoices and statements can be emailed within PM using Outlook, or implementing the bulk e-mailing where all invoice and statement emails can be sent in a single process using SMTP.

Upgrading your templates also allows:
  • Report layouts to be modified using a standalone report design tool. This will provide greater flexibility for future changes.
  • Many additional standard fields at both Client and Entity level will be available to add to the invoice and statement reports.
  • Invoice and statement files to be saved in one central location and no longer in the C:\ADV2000 folder.

This is the first step to taking advantage of this new functionality.

Upgrading Layouts for Correspondence

For Correspondence to be enabled, your existing invoice and statement files are required to be upgraded to the REPX file format.
If you are happy with way your existing invoice and statement layouts look, and NO CHANGES are required*, our Technical team will convert your layouts "AS IS" to REPX at No Cost. Submit a request now to have your templates upgraded.
Additional changes which would significantly change the design of the layouts will be charged at standard rates.
Standard turnaround for upgraded templates to be returned is approx 7-10 working days. Then usually an additional 1-2 weeks caters for clients to implement and test. In all the process can take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Upgrading Layouts To Apply Changes

We will NO LONGER make changes to the existing aPInvoice.dll and Statement(*).rpx files. They will be upgraded to REPX in order for changes to be applied**.
The layouts will be upgraded to REPX first "like for like", before applying the new changes.
Our Technical team will discuss your requirement and provide a quote for approval prior to proceeding. Standard rates will apply. Standard turnaround as above.

*Note: Any EXISTING customisations will be converted over into the REPX coding, where applicable, to achieve a "Like for like" output. This includes minor cosmetic changes such as alignments, spacing or replacing existing hard coded information with information defined from ‘Entity’ details page, e.g. bank account details.
We will discuss and advise on any redundant functions and implement compatible alternatives in the REPX file(s) which may be subject to costs depending on complexity.

**Special consideration may be granted and costs will still apply.

Before clicking on the request button to request to submit an upgrade with your required changes, read through the Invoice and Statement Layout Consideration article to ensure your changes fully takes advantage of upgrading to REPX.

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