What's New?


Activities allows you to record communication with your client. and where relevant, allocate tasks to Staff members within your Practice. You can assign an expected Close Date to an Activity, and this can then be tracked via the Activities To Do page in the Personal Band.

Credit Terms

A new data set is available within the Client Band to assign a Credit Terms value to a Debtor. This will then calculate a Due Date, based on either the Period End date or the Invoice Date. Refer to the Release Notes on how to identify this.  As part of using this feature, you may want to consider updating your Invoice & Statement if it doesn't already accommodate credit terms.  For more information go to Invoice & Statements Layouts.


What should I do before upgrading?

Review the Release Notes for more information on what features are included.
Review the Installation Notes  For the Practice IT Administrator section for the Activities configuration process once your database has been updated with the Value Add Services.  

Ready to download the update?

Click the download button below to check the prerequisites for this release and to download the software.  Please note you have to be signed in to MyAPS and be a Practice Management client to access the download page. If you are having any difficulty accessing this page, please let us know how we can help. 


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