To ensure you have a smooth year-end rollover your  APS Practice Management Administrator will need to complete a number of processes and procedures.

We have have outlined below the steps with, documents and tutorial videos to assist you with your transition into the new financial year.


What do you need to do? 

To prepare your PM for the Financial Year end and complete your Year End tax rollover. Please follow the links below to the knowledge articles for documentation guides and tutorial videos.

Step 1 -Prepare PM for the Financial Year End

  How to prepare for Financial Year end 

Step 2 - Complete the Year End Tax Rollover

  How to complete Year End Tax Rollover

Using Workflow

If your practice uses Workflow, the Bulk Matter Rollover option (as part of the year-end procedure) may affect existing Workflow outcomes.

For example, in the standard matter console, you will need to decide whether or not you want to roll with the previous milestones or use a standard template. This option, will roll the matter with the milestone.

However if you use workflow and the milestones are scheduled, the target date is calculated based on the date the matter is created, which if you roll over, the matter function is created on the date you rollover. 

It is imperative that you review your internal processes and workflow requirements prior to proceeding with a Bulk Matter Rollover.

If you are unsure of your firm's workflow process or you are looking to implement, review or change your workflow process, please speak to your Client Relationship Manager.

Please note that our support team cannot advise you on workflow processes as these are very specific and can be highly customised to your firm.


Need Assistance? 

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