Reckon Docs Commentary


We've updated our Pension and Company documents to provide better consistency across all our documentation; we have also refreshed the invoice. 

Technical Details

Updated products

  • Pension
  • Company - Private Pty Ltd
  • Company - Public Ltd by Guarantee
  • Company - Public Ltd by Shares
  • Company - SMSF Special Purpose (Standard)
  • Company - SMSF Special Purpose (Strategist)
  • Replacement Company Register
  • Constitution upgrade

Summary of updated documents

  • Invoice
    • Document refresh (colours, images, and layout)
    • Updated details of fee components (renamed labels, split discount, included product description and delivery method)
    • Removed payment options (card, phone, and cheque)
  • Pension guides
    • flowchart and checklist removed
  • Compliance
    • Updated documents in accordance to the latest tax-free threshold in 2017
  • Product disclosure statement
    • GV Lawyers treated as 3rd-party
  • Pension request notification
    • support for pro rata and scaling definitions
  • Pension request minutes
    • support for condition of release for preservation age
  • Pension procedure notification
    • support for latest tax-free thresholds
  • Pension details minutes
    • support for pro rata, scaling definition, and latest tax-free thresholds
    • Maximum pension amount not rounded to nearest $10
  • Assets segregation schedule
    • support for multi-pension members
  • Pension commencement notification
    • Support for latest tax-free thresholds
  • Terms and conditions
    • GV Lawyers classified as 3rd-party
  • Pension commencement schedule
    • Support for pro rata, scaling definition, latest tax-free thresholds, and fortnightly payments. 
  • Pension commencement minutes
    • support for latest tax-free thresholds
  • ASIC Form 362
    • included with company products
  • Constitution upgrade
    • improved support for special purpose companies
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