The purpose of this article is to assist and provide guidance in performing the configuration of SyncDirect, including Attributes, Systems Administration Settings, Security and Email Templates.


System and Administration Settings

These will be set up in consultation with your APS Consultant.


User settings in JOE Admin

  1. Log in to Central Console as an Administrator.
  2. Click on JOE Admin
  3. Select the indicated XPA user group.
  4. In the XPA Ledger section, highlight SyncDirect.


5. Tick View Allowed

6. Under the Xcede Professional Accounting section, highlight SyncDirect.


Identify SyncDirect Clients

This attribute will be added to your Client Attributes as part of the installation of SyncDirect. Clients will need to be identified as a True/False. Please discuss the requirements for the data population with your APS Consultant.


SyncDirect Email Address Attribute

An email Attribute is available (SD Email). This will need to be made available within the Central Console to send Emails and Data Feed requests. As data may need to be uploaded into this field, please discuss the requirements with your APS Consultant.


Updating Email Templates

The system uses Outlook OFT template files. These reside in the c:\Adv2000\EmailTemplates folder.

To edit the OFT file on a machine that has Microsoft Outlook installed and setup.

  1. Right click the appropriate file and choose Open.
  2. Edit the file as required.
    • Keywords can be used to call specific fields from the database. These keywords should be enclosed in square brackets. i.e. [keyword] The key words that can be used (column 1) are:


Name Notes
Datatype The type of data to collect.
Dateperiod The period of the data to collect.
Link The link to start the collection email.
FirstName The Clients First name/Trading As.
LastName The Clients Surname/Registered name.
SortName The Client sort name.
Salutation The Client Salutation.
Title The Clients title.
Partner Client attribute 4- normally Partner.
Manager Client attribute 5 – normally Manager.
Department Client Attribute 6 – normally Department
BureauName The name of your SyncDirect Bureau as licenced.
UserDefined1 Client Attribute 717 – could be relabelled.
UserDefined2 Client Attribute 718 – could be relabelled.


The Label in column 1 must not be changed within your .oft file. If your Practice Management attribute for any of the labels in column 1 has been renamed or customised, you do not need to use the renamed/customised label for the embedded field as the system will embed the values even if the label are renamed/customised in Practice Management.

Example: Label name 'Partner' has been customised in Practice Management to 'Director'. In your .oft file, column 1 label needs to be 'Partner' for it to embed the values for 'Director'.

All ‘client’ attributes refer to the Practice Management client record.

Example: For a data feed email.

Example: For an email request.

3. Once all the required changes have been made, choose File >Save As.
4. Change the File Type to Outlook Template (*.OFT)
5. Navigate back to the c:\Adv2000\EmailTemplates folder.
6. Highlight the edited .OFT file and choose to save and replace the original file when prompted.
  • Be aware that as soon as you pick the .OFT extension, it may redirect and folder path you have picked. Check the path before you save the new .OFT file.
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