Following error is generated when accessing a Credit Centre view which contains an apostrophe in filters.

Advance Credit Center

ExecSP: Incorrect syntax near ‘S’.
Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ‘))) GROUP BY
DailyAgeing.dtrDebtorID HAVING Max(Dailyageing.Date30Days) +
Max(Dailyageing.Date60Days)+  Max(Dailyageing.Date90Days) +
Max(Dailyageing.Date120Days) >0) AND cdbclient.cltDebtorType= 1 '.

Replication steps:

Setup a new Credit center filter to include an apostrophe, then save the filter view. Now if we browse to the newly saved view we will receive the above error .




This issue has been fixed in the Practice Management version 11.2 hot fixes . The fix file is available for download from the PM download page

The fix file is also included in Practice Management 11.2.2 installation package.

Fix Files: aAList.exe, aASelect8.ocx