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ATO Portal Prefill

In conjunction with the Payment Summaries, Interest Income, Dividend Income and Government Payments, the following ATO Portal Prefill items are now available to be prefilled into the Individual tax returns:
  • Managed Fund Distribution
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Higher Education
  • PAYG Instalments
  • Low Rate Cap
  • Primary Production Averaging
  • Special Professional Averaging
  • ATO Interest
  • Private Health Insurance
  • First Home Super Saver Scheme
These prefill items have been expanded to accommodate the additional requirements of the income details schedule.

Taxable payments annual report (TPAR)

The Taxable payments reporting system was significantly expanded from 1 July 2019. We have included the Taxable Payments Annual Report in this release that will allow sufficient time for its completion before its due date of 28 August.

APS Tax has not yet obtained whitelisting of this form from the ATO so "do not lodge" this form until you are notified that this has been obtained. If you are interested in assisting with the development of this report, please get in contact with your account manager to allow us to include you on the PVT programme to speed this process along. 

Other Updates

  • NRFI Occupation codes have been updated.
  • Validation rules IITR.730259 and IITR.730260 where the ATO incorrectly treat 'Other income' from managed funds as not being financial investment income. Refer to KA-04129 for further information.
  • The credit for interest on early payments has been moved out of the basic tax estimate and into a separate section entitled "Other refundable amounts". Refer to KA-04130 for further information.
  • Research and Development Tax Incentives have been updated. Refer to KA-04139 for further information.
  • Click here to find an overview of all the key changes for tax time 2020.




Description Reference 

Special professional income is now being correctly transferred to the income details schedule.


For taxpayers over 60 receiving superannuation lump sum payments, the ATO now requires that the taxed element be set to $0 (rather than being left empty).  This has been updated and will prevent error IITR.730186 from occurring on pre-lodge and lodgement.


Where reportable fringe benefits of less than $3,773 are entered, these amounts are now carried to IT1 and a warning is issued for the user to double check that the amount is correct.


Prior year deferred non-commercial losses from partnership business activities are now being included on the income details schedule. This means that error IITR.730374 will no longer appear.


Validation IITR.730057 is displaying incorrectly due to an ATO error. The ATO advised that the scheduled date for deployment of the fix is 30th July 2020.


Validation IITR.730434 and IITR.730378 for country of residence is displaying when it should not be. This has now been resolved.


Validation IITR.000614 is displaying incorrectly. This has been resolved by having the exploration credits and LIC capital gain amounts no longer being copied from pre-fill to the corresponding fields on the main form, unless there is an amount present.


Rolling forward a 2019 return with multiple Employer Termination Payments to 2020 would cause a "Operation is invalid because the document is in an invalid state" exception error. This has now been resolved.


Client Update forms were not being created correctly from Tax Services due to an unhandled exception, and therefore could not be opened. This has now been resolved.


The Reportable Fringe Benefits was not being set when it was provided in prefill. In addition, validation rule INCDTLS.000016 was not showing correctly. Both issues have now been resolved.


The list of questions and sub-categories for the Category C questions on the 2020 Reportable Tax Positions schedule has been updated in accordance with ATO instructions.


Item 12G has been removed from the 2020 Individual tax returns client copy printing.


In order to avoid validation errors INCDTLS470 and INCDTLS471, $0 is now set into the NPP financial investment partnership distribution, rental partnership distribution, and/or other NPP partnership distribution in the 2020 income details schedule where at least one of these has a value greater than $0.


In some instances, the Group Tax Number attribute was being used as the ABN Division Number which led to the ABN Division Number not being saved in Central Console. This has now been resolved.


The balance of the previous assessment for amendments was incorrect for certain scenarios. This has now been resolved.


When an amended 2019 return is rolled forward to 2020, an amendment validation error GEN.010029 is displayed incorrectly. This has now been resolved.


The "rental property to which this asset belongs" field was not rolling forward for 2020 individual tax returns. This has now been resolved.


The validation rule IITR.100043 has now been updated by the ATO and the error does not display during prelodge.


For 2020 individual returns, where an illegal character is entered for the account number (for interest) or reference number (for dividends and managed funds), then the account number/reference number is not copied across to the income details schedule. This is per ATO advice. This is necessary as the ATO pre-fill contains often these invalid characters leading to a CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 error on pre-lodge and lodgement. Where the account number/reference number has not been copied across for this reason, then a Reckon notification is displayed (AN9040 for interest, AN9041 for dividends, and AN9042 for managed funds).





Description Reference 

For 2020 individual returns, a Reckon warning (AW10078) is issued where the taxpayer has primary production income but has not selected the first year that primary producer averaging applies/applied.


For 2020 forms, a Reckon warning (AW10077) is now issued where the current status for PAYG instalments is left blank and data exists for PAYG instalments.


Lodgement code was carried forward to the amended return from the original return which should not happen. This has now been updated by resetting it to be an empty value.


The form type name for the MAT's didn’t have the 'Add/Update' or 'Remove' which made it impossible to distinguish between these two different types. Updated this by adding 'Add/Update' or 'Remove' as suffix. Sections this has been added to are Validation Report, Batch Processings Filter content panel, the selection pane, the Task and Lodgement Task sections.


The form type name for the EFTRS didn’t have the 'Subscribe' or 'Unsubscribe' which made it impossible to distinguish between these two different types. Updated this by adding 'Subscribe' or 'Unsubscribe' as suffix. Sections this has been added to are Validation Report, Batch Processings Filter content panel, the selection pane, the Task and Lodgement Task sections.



Stay Informed with Known Issues

Please refer to the knowledge base article KA-03782 for any known issues related to this release. We recommend reviewing this article on a regular basis to ensure you’re aware of any issues and their solutions.  

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