What's NEW!

The following application changes have been made:

Individual Income Tax Return (IITR)

  • Update for rule IITR.730488.  Working holiday maker net income can now be provided without requiring an Income Details schedule (e.g. where the income was reported through the business item).
  • Rental schedule allows calculated taxpayer's share amounts to be overridden.
  • A workaround solution for validation error RNTLPRPTY.000027 has been implemented, until the ATO correct the underlying issue. There is no expected date yet for the ATO fix.
  • Corrected mandatory field validations in Q13 - Distribution from partnerships.
  • Corrected the rounding behaviour of several fields in Q13 - Partnerships and Trusts.
  • Added validation rules for mandatory fields in Q8 - Australian superannuation lump sum payments.
  • Corrected the rounding of NRAS amounts entered into Q13, which could cause validation rule IITR.730428 to trigger.
  • Foreign country codes have been removed from Q10 - Interest.
  • Corrected the printing for the Dividends and Foreign pension and annuity worksheets.
  • Corrected the calculation of Assessable foreign income to include foreign rent amounts which could cause validation rule IITR.730088 to trigger incorrectly.
  • Corrected an issue in Q24 - Other income which could cause validation rule IITR.730255 to trigger when no balancing adjustment amounts were present.
  • Automatically populating the correct code for D15 Other deductions when interest deductions from foreign rentals have been transferred.

Partnership (PTR)

  • Corrected an issue which prevent PP income amounts being transferred from a Partnership return to a linked partner return.

Tax Manager and Elite Form Fixes

Description Reference 

The duplication of partnership distribution in Elite 2020 Individual returns has now been resolved. Opening or redistributing the Partnership returns will update the beneficiary returns with the correct information.


The 'type mismatch' error when reopening 2020 Individual returns after placing distributions from partnership with ABN has now been resolved. The grid column orientation had been changed and have now been modified to reflect the new grid layout.


Tax Manager is not saving the data entry for the fields "Share of net financial investments", "the share of net rental property" and "share of other income" in a 2020 Individual return. This has now been resolved.


The periods for the TFN Information form were missing. All the required periods have been now been added to Tax Manager.


The EFTRS Report Date will now filter the EFTRS agent report correctly but only for where the filter selected "is equal to".


Stay Informed with Known Issues

Please refer to the knowledge base article KA-03783 for any known issues related to this release. We recommend reviewing this article on a regular basis to ensure you’re aware of any issues and their solutions.  


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