This article discusses the different symptoms of XPA ledger corruption that you may experience and looks at some solutions that could resolve some of these problems.  



Common errors that may occur in XPA due to ledger corruption include:
  • Disk I/O error
  • Unrecognised database format
  • Primary Key not in index
  • Run-time error 3043
  • Microsoft Jet database engine error
  • Not a valid bookmark

Step 1 - Exclude APS folders from anti-virus scans

The Adv2000 and other XPA folders should be exempt from any Anti-virus scans
  • Remove the Adv2000 and any other XPA ledger folders from your Anti-virus scan. Find out which folders here

Step 2 - Access bug

Microsoft are aware of a bug in Access (XPA Ledgers are access databases) and have a workaround available
  • Review the workaround steps outlined in the Microsoft article here
  • These steps will need to be taken by your IT provider as they are system changes. 

Step 3 - Review Group Policies 

Review Group Policies related to mapped drives

  • Selecting the Group Policy for mapped drives to create will stop the momentary loss of mapped drives preventing writing to the disk. 
  • See our article on Error 3043


Step 4 - Repair corrupted files

Steps 1 -3 will assist to prevent corruption of files. Step 3 will assist in how to repair an XPA file that has become corrupt.
  1. Open Advance Applications list 
  2. Under the Xcede Professional Accounting  > Administration Tool
  3. Ensure you have the correct practice selected then search for the ledger name containing the error.
  4. Right click on the ledger > compact/repair XPA file
  5. Test that the error no longer occurs
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