This article is a summary of requirements to setup and use the new TDS service from IRD, alongside NZ Tax April 2019 release software. From April 2019 the existing service provided by IRD via the B2B service, in respect of tax notices and IRD transactions, will be replaced by a new service known as TDS (Transactional Data Services). This offers a number of enhancements including

This offers a number of enhancements including

  • Re-introduction of GST data which has not been available this way for a number of years.
  • Tax notices and transactional data will now be received and processed using TDS,  including the matching of payments, refunds and the processing of any notices received using the compliance admin functions in APS Tax.


Step 1 - Check pre-requisites

Check the below pre-requisites list to ensure you are able to upgrade. 

The Tax Cloud Services need to be provisioned for your site.  Please check with Support that this has been completed.


Step 2 - Tax Agent Linking

Once you have PM11 or above installed and APS Cloud services enabled you are ready to start setting up the TDS service and linking your tax agents. To enable the Tax Agent link, you will require the Client List ID for each tax agent, here is how to retrieve that list. 

  1. Go to MyIRD website 
  2. Login using your tax agent login. 
  3. Select the Tax Preparer Tab> My Business> Manage Agency>
    • Scroll down to the Client List section.  The client list ID may appear similar to the IRD number for each Tax agent. If you have only the one tax agent, it is likely to be the same as your IRD number.

4. Open APS main menu > Tax Agent Console

  • If the Web Page is not visible, it will need to be enabled in JOE Admin > Tax Management > Tax Agent Console > Webpage , tick View Allowed and Allow Edit
5. Select your Tax Agent 
6. Click on the Web page option on the left
7. Enter the client list id obtained earlier from the MyIRD webpage
8. Select Agent Web view button.
  • This will launch into the Reckon APS Agent link page. The cloud service logon will appear

9. Log into the page
10. Click the Link button and you will be redirected to the IRD login page, to confirm your credentials

  • Once successful, you will be redirected back to the previous page and the link created.
  • Once linked, the option will change to Delink, should this ever be required.
  • Repeat the above for all Tax Agents you wish to connect to TDS.

  Important - The process of linking each tax agent with IRD is required as part of the TDS process, to ensure that the correct IRD transactional data is received. If you use multiple tax agent IDs for your practice, this process will need to be repeated for each one. However, this is a one-off process and will not need to be repeated unless additional Tax Agents are added.

Step 3 - Processing IRD transactions

  1. Go to Compliance Admin Console > Tax Notices, this page displays Tax Notices split/separated into separate 'tabbed' views. 
  • This is to allow the Tax Administrator to view a group of notices that fall into each particular category and allows notices not requiring administrator action to be processed in bulk.  Processing is quicker, more efficient and permits handling on an 'exception based' requirement. 




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