On occasion IRD transactions are sometimes assigned to the incorrect tax year. Learn how to easily move a transaction or batch of transactions to the correct year in the steps below. 


Step 1 - Set the relevant Joe Administration rights.

Enable the JOE Admin setting - ‘Allow IRDX Tax Year Move’

1. Go to your APS List of Applications > JOE Admin
2. View > JOE Rights
3. In the User dropdown list, locate and select the relevant user or group. In this example, user 'APS Logon' is selected

4. In the Joe Rights folder structure, go to >Tax Manager >Tax Returns and select Tax Ledger:

In the 'Rights for' column, click on on the + beside Allow IRDX Tax Year Move and check the <Personal> box:

6. Log out of APS and back in for these Joe-Admin changes to take effect.


Step 2. Move the transaction to the correct ledger year.

1. In the client's ledger, enter Edit mode by clicking on the padlock icon

It will become a notepad and pencil icon

2. Right-click on the relevant transaction, and 'Move to Tax year': 

NOTE: In Edit mode, any transaction that is displayed in either Unfiled or Discarded ledger sections can be moved. 
Transactions can be moved forward one year or back one year only.  If the transactions are included in a batch of transactions, the entire batch will be moved. 
You won’t be able to move the IRD transaction if there are other transactions within the same batch which have been matched. These will need to be unmatched before moving. A message will pop up in this scenario: 

If there are other IRD transactions within the same batch then a message will also popup informing the user with an option to continue or not. 

Once moved, the transactions will appear under the chosen tax year ledger. They can be moved back, or to another year if this turns out to be incorrect.