An issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax 2020.3.1 where the following error occurs when lodging a 2020 individual tax return with other payment summary types (e.g., foreign income payment summary) where an WPN is used rather than ABN.



Per the ATO specs, where a payer’s withholding payer number is present, either a salary or wage payment summary or employment termination payment (ETP) summary must be provided. Other payment summary types (e.g. foreign income payment summary) will not be accepted by the ATO via SBR with a WPN.

This error occurs due to having two sets of financial institutions for the tax account. 


The problem described in this article is fixed in Reckon APS Tax 2020.4.0 (reference TAX-409). This error is caused by the ATO specs. We will update the software so the error is showing in the return rather than upon lodgement. Please contact the ATO to check your EFT details.


If a valid ABN is not available (e.g. for a foreign entity), the only workaround is to lodge the return via paper. 

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