An issue has been identified with the Reckon APS Cloud Update Service version 1.5.9 where it does not auto-update to the new version, v1.5.10 released on the 16th October 2020.

To resolve this all users are required to manually update the service using the steps outlined below.



If you have previously toggled Auto Update within http://localhost:7331/ as per below: 


The Reckon APS Cloud Update Service should have updated automatically at the time specified.

However, this update had resulted in http://localhost:7331/ no longer being accessible:


The Reckon APS Cloud Update Service would have also changed status to no longer be running:


In Programs and Features, these are the version numbers you would see:


Please Note: the Scheduling Service continues to run – this was not affected.


Please follow the steps below to ensure the Update Service is running again:

1. Download the corrected ReckonAPSAutoUpdateService.msi

2. Right click on the msi file and select install


3. Click the Yes button (This screen may appear depending of the rights that you have to install)

4. Once the install has been completed, you should now see that the Reckon APS Cloud Update Service has been updated to Version 1.5.10 within Programs and Features as per below: 


5.  Please ensure that you restart the Update service and refresh the service page. If the update service starts briefly and stops please contact APS support.


6. Once the service has started running (this may take a few minutes), check Programs and Features to ensure that the versions correspond with the below:


The Update Service should now be correctly installed. 

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