If an IR6 (Trust return) has a loss brought forward from the previous year, A validation error will occur if the loss claimed amount is greater than the current year's income. In this example, the 2020 IR6 has a loss brought forward from 2019 of $40 000.

This amount automatically appears in 'Amount Claimed' in Keypoint 22/

At this point, since no income has been entered into the 2020 return, If I try and sync, I get the error:

! ERROR: Loss B/fwd 'Claimed of  xxx.xx calculated. Edit loss b/fwd claim detail to match calculation.

And/ or:

! ERROR: A loss amount claimed value of xxx.xx has been entered; You must enter a loss Brought Forward amount as well


This has been fixed in an updated aps_t.mde file which will be available in hotfixes from 11/11/2020. 

Notes on this hotfix for Trust returns with a loss brought forward from the previous year:

Ensure that the amount claimed figure does not exceed the current year's income. In the example, 2020 income is $35 000:


I must now amend the Amount Claimed figure in keypoint 22 to anything up to the income figure of $35 000. In this case I want to claim $30 000 this year:

I can now synch the return:

Any any unused loss will be carried forward to the following year.




















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