Installation Guide

This guide will step you through how to install and upgrade your SyncDirect database and software. 


Before you Begin

Database Backup

Please BACKUP your aps_dsql database before continuing with this install. The backup is imperative as it can be used as a restore point if any problems arise during the database upgrade.

Learn more about database backups backup or restore your database in our article


The following APS application pre-requisites must be met before upgrading/installing SyncDirect:

  •  APS Practice Management Version 10.2 (or above).
  •  Xcede Professional Accounting version 10.5 (or above).

The following software is required to be installed on all computers that will be running SyncDirect:

  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 (or above).
  • .Net framework 4.7.2
  • Microsoft Access Database Driver 32 bit to suit your Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Visual C + + Redistributable

Further reference should be made to the APS environment specifications, a copy of these can be viewed in our Downloads page in MyAPS

Checking if you are on the right version

To determine whether you are on the correct database versions, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to APS Central.
  2. At the bottom of the application list double click on About Advance.

  1. Look for the following lines where the version for PM should be displayed:
    • Advance Data Table Database 10.2 or above
    • Advance XPA 10.500 or above

Uninstall previous version 

1. Go to Add or Remove Programs 

2. Locate Reckon APS SyncDirect Version 7.800

3. Click Uninstall


Proxy, Firewall, Windows Internet Security, Active Directory and Trusted Domain Setup

To Allow the SyncDirect Console and Data Feed software to operate correctly, proxy access via http (port 80) and https (port443) is required for the following locations.

Note that any restrictions around SOAP, WCF, page headers or page redirection also need to be altered.

The following sites need to be added as Trusted Sites:

  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • Private cloud URL if required
    • Only required if the client is using their own hosting.

It is important to also note that some proxies may contain rules that can affect the following:

  • Installation of the application and/or pre-requisites.
  • SOAP or WCF call restrictions (used by SyncDirect to communicate to the cloud).
  • Page redirection (used by Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Online to authenticate users).
  • Page headers (used by Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Online to authenticate users and for REST).
  • Oauth and Oauth 2 authentication.

TLS1.0 should be disabled as this is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Please ensure that TLS 1.1 or 1.2 is enabled.

These rules will need to be investigated and changed as needed in conjunction with your I.T. Administrator.

Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Running the Version Control

The following is an administrative function only and must be done from a workstation that has at least the runtime version of Microsoft Access installed.

Do Not proceed unless your database version pre-requisites are correct AND a backup of your database has been made.

If the database needs to be restored, any work carried out since the backup was created cannot be recovered.  It is important that the users exit APS Practice Management during the backup process and while the database upgrade is being performed.

  1. Download the SyncDirect software and unzip to C:\APSDownloads.
  2. Using Windows Explorer locate the C:\APSDownloads folder.
  3. Open the Version Control folder.
  4. Copy the vPM_SD7900.mdb file and paste it into the C:\ADV2000 folder on this computer.

You are now ready to run the version control which will update your Practice Management database.  Running a version control requires an ODBC connection rather than a DSN-less connection.  Make sure there are no users logged into APS Practice Management system when you run the version control.  The database upgrade process is only carried out once from any computer with APS Practice Management installed.


This version control will upgrade your database for the SyncDirect module.

  1. Locate and double click on the vPM_sd_7900.mdb file in the C:\ADV2000 folder.
  2. Click on OK.  The Advance Version Control screen will open.
  3. Click Start.

Click OK at the question about having a CURRENT BACKUP (assuming you have taken a backup).  If you haven’t taken a backup STOP now and take one.

Step 2 - Installing the Software update

The installation of the application must be completed on every user’s computer that will access the SyncDirect software.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the C:\APSDownloads folder.
  2. Run the Advance_SD.msi file.
  3. Follow the Install Wizard.
   Note - Terminal Server and Citrix users do not follow this procedure for installation exactly.  You are required to follow Terminal Server best practice installation procedures.

Step 3 - Confirm SyncDirect Version

To confirm that the correct version of SyncDirect has been installed and to find out what Database version of SyncDirect is running

1. Go to Central Console

2. Select Help > About Advance. 



Step 1 - Set Administration Access in JOE Admin

  1. Log into Central Console as an Administrator.
  2. Click on JOE Admin.
  3. Select your ‘Administration/Super User’ group.
  4. Click on JOE Rights.
  5. In the XPA Ledger section, highlight SyncDirect.
  6. Tick View Allowed

  1. Under Xcede Professional Accounting section highlight SyncDiret.
  2. Tick Master Access.

  1. Under System Administration Consoles, highlight SyncDirect Licensing.
  2. Tick Master Access.

  1. Close and restart the APS program.

You will need to set user access to the functional areas of SyncDirect for other JOE profiles.

Step 2 - Bureau Activation

Each database has a unique private cloud ‘Bureau’ hosted in Australia.  The Bureau is where data feeds from clients are stored until they are imported into XPA.  These settings protect the secure connection from the local PM system to the SyncDirect Bureau in the cloud.

   Note - These credentials only need to be entered once during setup.

For new SyncDirect clients.

The Bureau details will be provided during the implementation stage.

To access the bureau settings:

  1. Navigate to the System Administration Console then select SyncDirect Licensing.
  2. The SyncDirect License console shows 2 menu items.
  3. Select Bureau Activation.
  4. Enter the Username, Password and Bureau Name provided and click Set License.

Step 3 - Email Address Attribute Setup

The version control adds a new email address to the database called ‘SyncDirect Email’. This is the email address SyncDirect will use when communicating with clients.  It is possible to import data into this field or alternatively use the existing email addresses in PM.  Your APS consultant will be able to advise you on the available options.

Step 4 - System and User Settings



Email Address Attribute ID

The Email used to send Data Feed and collection Email requests.  This is created by running the version control and the defaults to 9102. 

Reminder:  Primary Email attribute is 231 in most databases.

SyncDirect Bureau Name

This will be provided by your APS Consultant during the implementation stage.  This is unique for each practice.

SyncDirect Client Flag Attribute ID

The Flag on each record enabling the client for use in SyncDirect.  This attribute is created by the version control and the standard ID is 9130.

SyncDirect License Key

This is linked to the Bureau nominated above.  It is administered centrally by the Business Operations team in the SyncDirect tool and is updated via the cloud when PM connects.


Other Technical Provisions

Supported Client Accounting Applications

Supported Third Party Software

MYOB AccountRight 2013.5 and above

MYOB Essentials V1 Only

Reckon Accounts 2010 and above

Reckon One

Quickbooks Online

CashManager Rural Desktop

CashManager Focus



All other Applications – CSV or TXT

Eg MYOB AccountEdge.

MYOB AccountRight REST API

When using MYOB AccountRight 2013.5 and above, a copy of MYOB AccountRight running with the API active is required to be able to collect the data.  As this requires the .NET Framework 4.5.

Compressed Folders and Network Drives

Compressed folders or network drives with limited permissions can cause issues with systems like MYOB.  To resolve this issue do not use the files on these types of drives.  We recommend you copy these files into a non-compressed folder that the user has Full Access permissions to.

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