An issue has been reported in Reckon APS Tax 2020.4.0 where an individual tax return with 100 assets may fail to roll over. The following error messages are triggered:

Object Reference not set to an instance of an object.

Roll Forward failed.

Create a new return without roll forward? 


The problem is not caused by the number of assets in the return. It's because of the rental properties that the assets were linked to. 


The problem described in this article is under investigation by our development team with reference TAX-625 and Tax -490. Please review all future release notes for a fix to this issue. 


  1. Create an amendment for the 2019 return. This can be deleted later.
  2. Open the amended 2019 return.
  3. Delete the rental properties. 
  4. The rental property can only be deleted by removing the linked assets. This can be done via the bulk update of the assets.
  5. Once this is done, close the 2019 return and roll it forward to 2020.
  6. If there is still an issue, the same steps need to be taken for the other rental properties. 
Once the return is rolled forward successfully, the following steps need to be carried out:
  1. Delete the amended 2019 return.
  2. Re-link the assets to the rental properties again where required.



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