Web Lodgment Release notes

The following updates have been applied to the Reckon APS NZ Tax Web Lodgment Application

16.11.2020  -Version 2.0.43


Client returns list

  • Fixed bugs around selecting returns, ensuring that only returns which can be lodged are selectable.
  • Fixed some issues around showing when a return requires an amendment.

Client GST panel

  • GST period months cannot be changed when a return exists for that month.
  • When a GST return exists, it is always included in the GST period months.


  • Errors from retrieving either a single document or a list of documents from the IRD should always be displayed in the appropriate contexts.



09.10.2020  -Version 2.0.41


Client returns list:

  • Drill into any return regardless of status via new 'View return details' button on each row
  • Visual cue identifying amended returns requiring specific amendment reason details to be entered


  • New Tax Years panel providing each active tax year's from & to date
  • GST panel enhanced to display editable period end dates for each active tax year


01.10.2020 -Version 2.0.40


  • Fixed issue where a single notification would be duplicated in the display list


Stay Informed 

Please refer to the known issues article NZ Tax Known Issues 2020 or for more information like featured articles and previous Release Notes, refer to the NZ Tax Product Page


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