This document is a summary of what is included in the NZ Tax Management 2021.Q1 release. 

It includes enhancements and all corrections/hotfixes since the Tax NZ 2020.Q3 Release. Each release is also a full version, if you have not installed earlier releases, or corrections, these enhancements and corrections will also be present when this release is applied. The contents of the previous Release Notes are also available on the NZ Tax Product Page 

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General Information


Practice Management version 11.2 including APS Cloud Services is a pre-requisite for this release in order to utilise TDS services and Web Return Lodgement features. Practice Management and cloud service information can be found here:  PM Product Page . A setup guide for TDS is also available from the NZ Tax Product Page 

B2B Windows Service 

From April 2020, IRD moved the last legacy system transactions over to the TDS service. IRD have subsequently terminated delivery of any transactions via the Tax Agent Web Service (TAWS).  There is therefore no need to install or retain this service. If it is still present on your system, you may remove it as it is now obsolete. 

Microsoft Access Runtime 

This release supports Microsoft Access Runtime versions 2013 and 2016, in addition to existing support for 2010.  Access Runtime 2003 and 2007 versions are no longer supported. Access Runtime is required only if you do not already have Office Professional package which includes the retail version of Access. 



Enhancements for this release

Tax NZ 2021.Q1 release is the final stage of implementation of the Web returns lodgement feature, once this release is installed and configured you are able to start using the feature.  You'll find details of the features and functions for web return lodgements listed in our Tax NZ 2020.Q3 detailed release notes. 

Filing of INC Returns via Gateway services 

Filing of INC returns via Gateway services is now fully functional and available to all clients using Cloud Services. Once this 2020.Q1 release is installed, and the version control is run, you may take full advantage of these new features. Whilst it is not mandatory to use gateway services at this time, IRD will be switching off the ability to file returns via E-file in April 2021, therefore we encourage all clients to set up for and become familiar with the new web returns lodgement process prior to this deadline. 

Information on how to set up and use the INC returns web lodgement functionality is detailed in a separate Web Returns Lodgement User Guide document. 

TDS Transaction matching improvements 

In response to client enquiries, we have made some further changes to the matching logic for TDS transactions. System discards have been updated to result in fewer incorrect discards taking place. For example, assessed refunds and their associated transfers are now included instead of being discarded automatically. 

We have also updated the Insert Ledger Payment Transactions stored procedure to use the SUPS setting TDS Match: Payments up to Days Diff to determine the days range for matching: 


The stored procedure previously was hard-wired to use 14 days. You may wish to review this setting to check it meets your requirements. Providing a relatively high ‘Days diff’ value (eg. 21) will ensure very early or very late payments are still picked up by the auto-match process, if enabled.  



Fixes included in this release

Since the last Tax release was made available, a number of issues have arisen that have warranted corrections to the software. These are made available to clients using interim hotfix files for version 2020.04 and are now included in this release. These are listed below with brief descriptions of the issue for reference.  

Software Application  

Summary of Issue 

KB Ref 

APS Ref 


Tax Manager 

KP28 Expenses incorrectly included in acc liable report. 




Tax Manager 

KP28 Expenses incorrectly included in acc liable report. 




Tax Manager 

IR6 Loss claim b/f incorrectly validating using a positive amount. 




Tax Manager 

Tax calc on Trustee income should use whole dollars and drop the cents 




IR901/Ledger Balances 

Some clients with large amounts of Notes notice loss of performance on longer lists. 




Tax Console/ IR8 Return 

IR8 returns with a negative RIT value show an error when trying to edit the calculation date 





Tax Lists 

Queries using future tax years where returns do not yet exist, do not return any results 



Version control vNZTax_94285.mdb 

Ledger Balances 

Variances are not included when matched to Net tax as a refund. 



Version control vNZTax_94285.mdb 

Tax Web Returns 

Correction to web return launch code to prevent errors 




Tax Web Returns 

Correction to web return launch code to prevent error in IR4 returns not created in web. 




Tax Console 

Unable to create IR833 once IR3 is present. 




Tax Console 

Incorrect return assessment value on IR8 




Central Console

Unable to open the IRD website from Tax Returns Console "Page not available" 

 KA-04456 ANT-282 APS NZTax Q1 installer 

Tax Console 

Update to fix issue with TDS Sync button on future year transactions. 




Tax Manager 

Errors in prov calculation on EST returns. Missing type field on P1 calc screens causes 901 to display incorrectly, also mismatch on reports as a result. 





Compliance Admin 

Returns with missing NOAs are not shown in No Notice filter tab 






Stay Informed with Known Issues

Please refer to the known issues webpage for any known issues related to this release. We recommend reviewing this page on a regular basis to ensure you’re aware of any issues and their solutions.

For more information like featured articles and previous Release Notes, refer to the Tax NZ product page


Ready to download the software?

Click the download button below to check the prerequisites for this release and to download the software.  Please note you have to be signed in to MyAPS and have the appropriate rights to access the download page. if you having any difficulty access this page, please let us know how we can help. 


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