Installation and Upgrade guide


Before you begin

Important Information

Please read this whole article and ensure that you understand it. If you have any questions, please contact the Reckon® Support Team for assistance.

  • This software release includes all features and hotfixes from previous versions and also includes new enhancements. 
  • This update will guide you through running the version control and installation of software for 2021 Q1
  • This release of Tax Management and its incumbent Version Control may invalidate the Checksums of currently “Locked or Signed” tax returns. We recommend that you file as many of these returns as possible prior to this release being run.
    • After the installation of this release any returns that remain at “Locked” may need to be returned to “WIP” status and then relocked to create a new checksum.
    • Unfortunately, we are unable to identify which locked or signed returns will be affected by this install, and therefore we leave it to the discretion of the Tax Administrator which returns to re-lock.
  • If you have additional databases these will also need to be upgraded. (If you are not familiar with this term then it is more than likely that you do not have additional databases. If unsure, please call the Reckon® Support Team for assistance).
  • It is our experience that engineers have various methods of installing software in a Terminal Services environment. Therefore, we leave it to your engineer’s discretion which method is used. We at Reckon® use Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features or Install Applications on Remote Desktop to complete all our installs and uninstalls.

Microsoft Access Runtime

  • This release now supports Microsoft Access Runtime versions 2013 and 2016, in addition to existing support for 2010.
  • Access Runtime 2003 and 2007 versions are no longer supported. If your practice is using Access Runtime 2003 or 2007 you need to upgrade prior to installing this release.
  • Note that Access Runtime is required only if you do not already have Office Professional package which includes the retail version of Access.

TMNZ Tax Pooling Integration

  • The Use of Money Interest calculator (UOMI) includes integration with Tax Management New Zealand (TMNZ). This integration allows users to obtain a quote for tax credits from TMNZ and then purchase these credits.
  • A prerequisite for practices intending to utilise the TMNZ Integration is Microsoft Access Retail or Runtime 2010 or later.

B2B Windows Service

From April 2020, IRD moved the last legacy system transactions over to the TDS service. IRD have subsequently terminated delivery of any transactions via the Tax Agent Web Service (TAWS). There is therefore no need to install or retain this service. If it is still present on your system, you may remove it as it is now obsolete.



Installation/Upgrade preparation

Step 1 - Prerequisites

Check if your current installation and systems meet the below prerequisites for this software release:

  • Practice Management version 11.2 or above (Database shows 11.000 or above) 
  • Tax NZ April 2020.04 (Database shows 9.4270 or above)
  • Tax NZ XPA (Database shows 1.0002 or above)


Do not proceed with this installation unless your database is set to the correct versions.

These instructions assume that your database is set to the following versions or higher.

To determine whether or not your database is on the correct versions step through our How to check database and software versions article


Step 2 - APS Cloud Services

If you are using APS Cloud Services ensure all APS Cloud Services (Web/Mobile timesheets, BankData, Client Hub, NZ Tax TDS Transactions) are stopped before backing up your database to ensure integrity in the database restore point should this be required.

  • Steps to stop and start the services are available in our Cloud services article  
  • B2B windows service, From April 2020, IRD moved the last legacy system transactions over to the TDS service. There is therefore no need to install or retain this service. If it is still present on your system, you may remove it as it is now obsolete.


Step 3 - Database Backup

The backup is imperative as it can be used as a restore point if any problems arise during the database upgrade. If your Practice utilises additional databases, please ensure each of these is also backed up prior to running the upgrade.

Step 4 - User access

  • All users need to exit all APS applications during an upgrade of the software. It's recommended that you plan the upgrade outside of Business hours to minimise disruption and downtime from the application. 




Upgrade the Database

Step 1 - Copy the Version Control file

The following process is an administrative function only and must be done from a workstation that has APS and at least the runtime version of Microsoft Access® installed.

1. Download the software from the link in the email received or login to the MyAPS portal and Locate the Download page
2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file.
3. Using Windows Explorer go to the extraction location.
4. Click on the Tax Management 2021.Q1 folder
5. Click on the Reckon APS folder.
6. Click on the Version Control folder.

7. Copy the ‘vNZTax_94291.mdb’ file.
8. Paste into the C:\Adv2000 folder on this PC or to the directory in which Tax Management is installed.

Step 2 - Run the Version Control

  Important - Prior to running the version Control please ensure the following has been checked or completed
- Your database versions meet the prerequisites
- You have stopped the Cloud synchronisation services. (If applicable)
- All users are logged out of all APS applications.
- You have a backup of your current database has been taken.

You are now ready to run the version control which will upgrade your database. This only needs to be run once, if the upgrade fails do not re-run the version control. 

1. Go to the C:\Adv2000 folder where the vNZTax_94291.mdb was copied in step 1.
2. Locate and double click on the vNZTax_94291.mdb.
3. Click OK if the SQL database version is 9.4270 or higher 

  • The following Version Control screen will open.



4. Click Start.

5. Click OK to the question confirming a CURRENT BACKUP has been taken.

6. A progress box will appear and will advise once the upgrade has been completed successfully,
7. Click OK to the message and then Close



Troubleshooting an Upgrade

Version control errors during upgrade

If during the version control upgrade you get a message like the one below, take the following action

1. Take note of the error number and message or screenshot the message.
2. Click OK
3. Restore the aps_dsql database and contact APS Support for assistance.



Installation of Tax Application

Desktop users

Step 1- Installation of Reckon APS Tax Application

- The installation instructions covered in this section need to be completed on EVERY workstation or Terminal Server running Reckon APS®.
- It is important to exit all Reckon APS® applications before the installation of this software.

1. Go to Windows Explorer and locate the extracted software folder
2. Click the Tax Management 2021.Q1 folder
3. Click the Reckon APS folder.
4. Click the Tax folder.

5. Double click on _APSTaxNZ.msi to launch the installer

  • The Setup Wizard screen will open

6. click Next to begin the installation.

7. Click Next to continue the install. If C:\Adv2000 is not the correct location click Browse to choose the location where Advance is installed.

6. Click Next to start the installation.
7. Click Close to complete the install process 

Terminal Server Users

   Note - IT Professionals have various methods of installing software under a Terminal Services environment, we leave it to your IT's discretion which method is used. Here at APS we use Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features or Install Applications on Remote Desktop Server to complete all our installs and uninstalls.

  1. Please follow the Installation of Tax Application Instructions above to install the software on your terminal server.
  2. When the Tax Management Installation has been completed the aps_t.mde file needs to be copied to each users’ home directory replacing the existing file. This file can be copied from the APS\Tax\Support folder of the downloaded software.

Step 2 - Confirming Version Numbers

This section must be completed as it confirms that the Tax Management software has been installed correctly.

Database version

  1. Log in to APS Advance
  2. Click to open the About Advance page
  3. Look for the following lines where the versions for all should be displayed:
    • Advance DataTables Database: 10.0000 or higher.
    • Advance TaxNZ: 9.4291



Tax Manager Version 

  1. Log in to APS Advance
  2. Click to open Tax Manager
  3. Go to Sys.Admin then the About tab. 
  4. Check the following versions are correct as listed below: 
    • Tax Application Version 9.4.2-91 – (aps_t.mde) 
    • Database Version – (SQL database) 




Cloud Synchronisation Services

Once the installation has successfully been created you can re-start the cloud services (if installed). Read more about how to do this in our How to check if cloud synchronisation services are installed and running article.