This guide will discuss some common IRD lodgement errors, what causes them, how to provide the information for support to investigate them and where we can will will provide a solution.


Error - Undefined: undefined error 



Error - Invalid filing period 



Error  - Unauthorised Delegation



Error  - Unauthorised Vendor



Error - IR215 - Validation error



Error - dividendIncome totalRWTCredits cannot be greater than dividendincome totalGrossDividends 



Error - Cannot claim lossesClaimedThisYear when a loss made in this income year where expenses exceeds income in IR6,IR3,IR4 & IR7



Error - IR4 subventionPaymentsToFrom cannot be greater than 0 for profit companies



Error - lossCarriedBackPriorYear must be 0 when there is no LCB indicator on the previous tax period



Error - IR526 'Invalid Filing Period' when trying to lodge



Error - partYearStartDate must be contained within the return period



Error with Lodgement - read ECONNRESET



Error: IRD Response: XML request failed validation - undefined



Bad Gateway



Filing obligation not met



Duplicate Return



Invalid minorFormType:undefined



No Filing Obligation Found



Unable to Lodge an IR4 without an IR4J attached



Missing Amendment Details

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