The NZ Tax 2021 Q3 release provides further enhancements to Gateway services functionality, with the ability to Prepop IR3 returns via gateway services to our desktop application.

Prepop IR3 data from IRD 

Prepop for an IR3 is the replacement for SOE (Statement of Earnings) notifications that IRD used to send previously.

In Tax Manager, the details contained in the Prepop notification can be automatically added into the return.

The option is now available to add this when initially creating the return in Tax Manager:

This checkbox is unticked by default, if you wish to add the income details then please check the box, then proceed to Create Return.

If this is not selected at this time, it can be done later.

This may take a few minutes to fully complete:

This will then add to the details received from IRD into the relevant sections and keypoints in the return: 

These can be further edited if required, just like processing a return normally.

Alternatively, if the return has already been created, or for any reason the checkbox was not selected on initial creation, the same process can be done by selecting the ‘Add Income details held by Inland Revenue’ button at the top of the Tax Return tab in the return itself:

This will populate the various keypoints using IRD data in exactly the same way.

If the IRD Prepop data has already been retrieved, it may be retrieved again, if for example the retrieved data has been edited for any reason and you wish to re-update this, or to ensure you have latest IRD information. If this is the case, a message will be shown, advising that any existing data will be overwritten:


In the case where the client return has been rolled from a previous year, or if any manual entries to keypoints or expenses/asset schedules have been made, these items are now retained when actioning a Prepop. All Prepop entries are now added to prevent any data loss from rollover. This function requires the latest hotfix files dated 04/08/2021.

If a Prepop is run again at a subsequent time, it will overwrite only the Prepop entries created, still retaining any manual entries, but if a Prepop entry has been edited in anyway, this information will be replaced. IRD may update the Prepop information either by adding or taking away entries from the Prepop, in both cases a subsequent Prepop will remove all prior Prepop entries and replace with current Prepop data.

At all times, any rollover or manually entered keypoints will not be affected.

Additionally, it will not be possible to retrieve Prepop data to a return once that return is locked, an error message will display if this is the case

If you still wish to retrieve Prepop, then return must be set back to WIP first.

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