Autocalc Returns Processing

IRD may automatically issue income tax assessments, commonly referred to as Autocalc returns. These are similar to the Personal Tax Summary (PTS). You are now able to process these in the APS NZ Tax Management application.  

You can carry out any of the following actions: 

  • Confirm: accept the information provided by IRD  
  • Amend: add any relevant information to the return  
  • Convert to an IR3: where this is the correct return type to meet your client’s obligations 

To then file with IRD through Gateway Services

The Autocalc process begins when a notification (SELIIT) is received from IRD.

In the Tax Agent page, these will be shown under a new section called IRD Return Status Notifications. This is a separate process to the other Notifications e.g., RTNCMP that you will also receive. 

Automated Tasks 

To enable Autocalc functions (as well as returns status updates), Automated tasks should be enabled for the Agent page: 

When selecting this option, you will be automatically redirected to the IRD login page to verify the tax agent identity. 

It should display like the below picture once validated. We recommend leaving this function enabled. 

IRD Return Status Notifications 

The IRD Return status notifications will display in a new section of the grid on the Agent page: 

Each item is retrieved by selecting the document button on the far right of each entry. 

There is no bulk action available on these items as each one must be processed individually per its own requirements, as there are a number of options that can be chosen. 

On selecting the document icon on each line, a popup message is shown. 

When this is successfully retrieved, the Create Return button is available. 

Once you have clicked Create Return, the Autocalc return is shown, opening initially to the Detail tab: 

The return may be Approved as is, or Edited, or if required converted to an IR3. 

These options are located on the Summary Tab. 

Choose the Approve button if all details are correct.



Clicking Approve will enable the Lodge button: 


The return can then be lodged as normal. 

Choose Rework if you wish to edit the return details before lodging. This will enable the return for editing via all tabs: Detail, Income and Summary: 


Once the return is completed, choose the Ready for Approval button, to enable the Lodge button. The process is then as per any other return: 




   Important Note - If the return is Lodged either as received, or as an amended Autocalc, the return is not visible in the desktop application, only in Web. 

At all of the stages above, it is still possible to convert the entire return to an IR3 if required. It should only be necessary convert to an IR3 if your client has income that has not been reported to Inland Revenue by a third party e.g., residential rental income for a recently purchased property.  

Note that the conversion to IR3 is not reversible, but the original Autocalc return will still be visible (even if it has been amended), but not editable, from the Autocalc menu option on the left. 

Currently it is not possible to edit IR3 returns directly in the web page. 

This functionality will be available in the future, but for now, the information from the Autocalc form is pushed back to the desktop software, to make it available to process in Tax Manager. This process may take a few seconds to update, and if you already have Tax Manager open on that client selection, it is recommended to close and re-open after converting to ensure you are seeing the latest return information. 

Note that:  

  • If you did not make any amendments to the Autocalc form in Web, then convert to IR3, then the desktop IR3 return will match the information received from IRD. 
  • If you earlier chose the Rework option in the web return page, and made changes, then chose the convert to IR3 option, any amendments you made will be transferred into the IR3 desktop return 

Once the conversion process is completed, the return keypoint information imported from the Autocalc return is shown in the Tax Manager return keypoints in exactly the same way as if it had been manually input. 

From this point forward, the return can be edited, amended, and lodged in the same processes as you would normally use as if it had been added directly via the Tax Manager application. Once completed the return is updated to Ready to Lodge, at which point it will update the IR3 return already present in the web, and from there can be lodged as normal via Gateway services. 

Other Autocalc Scenarios

There are a number of other possible scenarios which could occur when attempting to retrieve or process an Autocalc return. 

If there is no return located and response from IRD does not find the return. This could be because of an internal error in gateway services, or because the details retrieved do not match, e.g., if the client IRD number is not linked to the agent making the retrieval action. You should firstly check that the current agent is linked for that client correctly with IRD. 

Where the client is unable to be located, the following error will show: 

This could mean that the client IRD number is not located in the APS web database, or that it is not found at IRD as being linked to the current agent. You should confirm that the client in question is correctly linked and that the client record is assigned to the correct tax agent in your APS database. 

If a client return has already been created from the Autocalc retrieval, this message will show, with an option to view return details: 

Selecting View Details will display the actual return. 

From here this return can be lodged in the usual way via Gateway Services: 

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